Chapter 6.1 and 6.2

Sam Copeland

Properties Of A Normal Curve

  1. he curve is bell-shaped.
  2. The curve is symmetrical about a vertical line through (U).
  3. The curve approaches the horizontal axis but never touches or crosses it.
  4. The inflection (transition) points between cupping upward and downward occur above (U) - (O).
  5. The area under the entire curve is 1.
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M & O

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Empirical Rule

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Control Charts

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Out Of Control Signals

Said to be out of control if the successive time measurements of x indicate that it is no longer following the target probability distribution.

Three of the most common warning signs are:

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Standard Scores

This tells us the number of standard deviations the measurement if from the mean.

A standard deviation score close to zero tells us the measurement is near the mean of the distribution.

A positive standard score tells us the measurement is above the mean.

A negative standard score tells us the measurement is below the mean.

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