The Ultimate Collectible

By Charles Feng

"Make collectors and vikings jealous alike!"

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The Sword of Summer

A fantasy novel, by Rick Riordan
"I've got a talking disco sword and you don't”

-Magnus Chase

The sharpest, the shiniest, order today!

This is a viking broadsword. You should take this once-in-five-lifetimes offer, since this object is genuine viking steel, smelted with human bones, and cooled in blood. It is also the ultimate antique, as it is at least 1,000 years old, from the 11th century. True to the slogan, it will make other collectors jealous because of its immense value, probably worth 235 Mercedes Benzes. Or, if you're more of a warrior, it will make all the other vikings glare at you and your shiny weapon with envy, as it is the arguably the sharpest blade in existence, with the ability to cut through tempered steel chains, as well as the fact that the blade has a mind of its own, and can guide your hand on the field of battle without you doing anything. The quote, comes from the part in The Sword of Summer where the main character is battling dwarves, and he discovers the extra features of the sword, (intelligence, speech, swinging on its own, etc.) and boasts about his sword's amazingness.

Amazingness that you, too, can have. Order today!