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Today's Theme: Convection

Written By: Noelia Durazo, Dayanara Santa Maria, Maria Araiza


Convection is one of the three forms of heat transfer. Conduction is the transfer of heat the movement of fluids. Convection is difficult to see but not impossible to observe. When warm air rises the cool air sinks through convection, you are probably unaware that this process is occurring when you turn on the air conditioner.


Convection occurs when thermal energy is transferred through material by the movement of heated matter. If fluids such as air or water are heated the molecules that make up the fluids gain energy and move quickly. Convection is very important to the Earth's system, the atmosphere is a function of convection.

FACT: Air Is A Fluid

You may no think of air as a fluid, but it is. The molecules that make up air flow freely past each other. This movement is similar to the movement of molecules in a more familiar fluid such as water.

September 28th, 2015