Jim Thorpe's Bright Path

By Joseph Bruchac and illustrated by S.D. Nelson


  • Jim was born in May 1887 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. His parents were Charlotte Vieux Thorpe and Hiram Thorpe.
  • His parent were native Americans. Hiram was a mixed blood Indian of the sac fox nation. Charlotte was a pottos atomic women.
  • When Jim was born he was a twin. It was a boy named Charlie they were best friends.
  • When they were six there was a big change in there life they had to go to boarding school. Jim hated school he had to were awful clothes. Jim tried to learn basic arithmetic,reading and writing Charlie helped him.
  • In his third year something broke his heart his brother died of pneumonia
  • Jim's dad sent stubborn Jim at age eleven three hundred miles toHaskell in Lawrence, Texas.
  • Jim started to like football when he went to his first game at Haskell.when he was hearing the crowd roar he said he wanted to be a football player.

All the sports Jim played

Jim's three main sports were football, baseball,and track. But he also played lacrosse captain of basketball team schools best handball and tennis player. Also a expert at golf, bowling,superior swimmer,billiards player,figure skater,gymnast,rower,and hockey player.

Sport teams


About Jim Thorpe

When Jim was in his third year of school his brother died of pneumonia. His mom died in 1902 of sudden illness. His dad died from snake poisoning. Jim died on March, 28 1953. Jim should have not competed in the Olympics. He was stripped of his gold medals,and his name was removed from the Olympic record books because he was getting paid to play. Jim fhought for Indian rights. Jim was married three times had five sons and three daughters.


My resource was the book Bright Path by: Joseph Bruchac