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What to Watch Out for in the Month of April to Ignite 2020!

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Welcome to this first quarter national newsletter. We've been through one whole quarter this year and we wanted to check in with you and give you some tips for the month of April so that we can really make it count!

Read on to learn more!

Here's how we stack up for the first quarter in terms of exchange results.

How does your LC compare?

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For all of our programs we are seeing that there is an overall lack of volume of attraction.

Use these next two weeks to get as many people in the pipeline as you can. Read below

to find out the key activities that you can focus on for each program to

maximize your performance and achieve your goals!

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More Attraction & Greater Customer Service

What is the major metric for attraction?

Applications! There are several ways to have students go from stranger to applicant to speed up the process. Physical marketing strategies seem to be working the best!

How can you get more students to apply?

  1. Email/call past Global Leader applicants who said they were interested in exchange
  2. Contact all opens within 24 hrs
  3. Send your members and friends abroad
  4. #6weeksfortheworld and SDG focused events
  5. Application/matching focused info sessions
  6. Sending emails via university partnerships
  7. Class shouts

Don't forget to put your marketing efforts on the Marketing CRM! Aim for a minimum of 3 physical marketing efforts each week - the more you try the more success you'll see!

Check out the resources below to learn more about how to do each of these things.

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Generate Leads & Go On Meetings

What counts as a lead?

A prospect becomes a lead when you have contacted them and they show interest.

How can you generate leads?

  1. Go to a networking event
  2. Ask for referrals from alumni, BoA, or professors
  3. Make cold calls and go on cold walk-ins
  4. Call past and current partners to re-raise and upscale
  5. Call all leads within 24 hrs

Are you an active seller? That means you go on a minimum of 4 meetings per month (1 meeting each week). Don't forget to put your meetings on podio when they are held!

Check out the resources below to learn more about how to do each of these things.

Don't Forget to Track Your Progress

Take advantage of the master planning/tracking tool your LC has to map out your weekly goals and progress. It is important to track ourselves because it allows us to understand the gap that still exists but also to be able to celebrate the small wins that we have - that ultimately accumulate into BIG WINS!

It is important to track the things that you have control over as well. When we focus too much on the measures that don't come until later in the process, we can lose sight of what's really important on a day to day basis.

So what can you track?

  • # leads generated
  • # meetings held
  • # calls made, walkins went on, networking events attended, etc.

  • # class shouts done, events held, etc.
  • # applicants

Become a Contributor!

Want to flex your writing muscles? Contribute to the AIESEC US blog here:

Here are some themes for April:

  • #6weeksfortheworld country testimonials
  • Reducing Inequalities / SDGs
  • Passover
  • Earth Day / Sustainability / SDGs
  • Arbor Day
  • World Health Day (this Thursday)
  • Autism Awareness Month
  • What SDG do you stand for and why?
  • Leadership stories
  • National Poetry Month / slam poems / poems
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Contact Miranda if you have any questions about this!

Check Out HappyFox to Continue Your Learning!

HappyFox is our online learning platform with resources for just about anything you could think of. Submit a ticket if something is missing or outdated and we'll make sure it gets updated!

What's MC Rise Up To?

Miranda is working on the Six Weeks For The World Launch & finalizing details for our partnership with AfterCollege.

Alessio is in Miami to boost iGC sales intensity and training the team over there. He is expecting to get a lot of insight in how we run iGC at local level. Don't forget to attend the Sales Friday Strategy call!!

Alena is supporting LCs with operations in sales and delivery and is also working on the Advanced Sales Summit.

Alex is working with the LCD Team to plan NPR follow ups and working with our new partner Dream See Do to set up a virtual LEAD platform for EPs and Members!

Aaron is at LatCo representing AIESEC US as a facilitator!

Kavya is at EuroXPRO representing AIESEC US as a facilitator!

Samson is working virtually this week from Guangzhou, China where he is visiting family.

Rachel is working with Local Committees to match EPs to our Six Weeks for the World focus countries.

Adry is working to create materials and websites for our top oGT projects.

Sam is working virtually this week from North Carolina where she is visiting family.

Natalie is working with the operations team on some strategies to increase member productivity for the country.

Dom is working with the entire MC to finalize the projects that will enable MC Rise to end the term strong!

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Do you have an email yet?

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