TheTundra biome

By Rhys davey

Biotic factors


Polar bears

Bear berries

Artic fox


Abiotic factors






Some interesting facts

How humans affect the tundra, and what we can do to save it

Humans as a whole have polluted the tundra with waste, polution, and global warming, reducing the temperature

We need the tundra because it stablises the temperature of the earth, if we block off human interaction, and send teams to clean up the tundra, we would have a much higher chance of saving the tundra, and not to mention the survival of the earth!

Why do we need the tundra?

The Tundra produces Nitrogen, phosphorus, and is a main part in temperature regulatio

There are many forms of life in the tundra, like plants and animals

There are polar animals, pika, and blubbered animals in the tundra, and plants like the bearberry because their roots are intertwined to prevent separation.

What is it like in the tundra?

The tundra is known for its freezing a and cold temperatures, so it's not surprising that the land reaches a low of -50 and a high of 50. The average yearly precipitation in less than 10 inches!