Hero Project

By: Aliza Hornstein

My hero:

When I think of the word hero, I think of a person who acts for others beyond their own needs. A hero sacrifices their own personal needs to benefit another persons life. A hero can be someone who never gives up and always tries their best. My hero is my tutor because she devotes her time to help me with my education. My untouchable hero is Michael Phelps because he works really hard and never gives up.


Tick tock

By: Aliza Hornstein

I was patiently waiting in a bin waiting to be picked up to be written on. I got grabbed by a student and got taken to his desk. He started off by writing his name "Alex". The teacher said "you may start your test" and everyone began to write on my other friends. As time went by, I noticed that Alex was sweating and every ten seconds he looked up at the clock and a droplet of sweat ran down his cheek onto me.

There was about fifteen minutes lift while six of the twelve questions where filled out. All of the sudden the teacher called "Alex!". He got up slowly having a scared look in his face. "I've been watching you take this test. And you don't look so good, is everything okay?" Asked the teacher. "I didn't get what you where teaching and my parents don't have time to help me with homework." Said Alex quietly. The teacher suggested a tutor and told him to bring her the test. He went back to his desk, grabbed me and took me to her. She took me from his hand and looked at me closely. She said that he didn't get any of the six questions right and recommend Alex a tutor.

The next week there I was still sitting on the teachers desk. The teacher asked if Alex had gotten a tutor and he said yes. She asked "Do you think you are ready to take the test?". And Alex said "I think so, I feel pretty confident.". She handed me to him and he sat down at his desk. He slowly lifted his pencil and began working. Twenty five minutes went by and Alex was done. He headed over to the teachers desk holding me tightly and handed me over to the teacher.

The next day I was given to Alex and he had a happy look on his face and he seemed very confident. He took me home and showed me to his parents and they congratulated him. It seemed to me that having a tutor really can positively imapact a students education.

Splish Splash

Water swaying all around

My heart begins to quickly pound

Seconds left to finish strong

Swimming's like a rythmic song

Using the strength left in my bones

Water crashed on me like stones

I swam as if it was my last Olympic meet

Kicking as hard as I can with my feet

Almost finished and so close to winning

My head going crazy and constantly spinning

Splish splash as the water travels

As I touch the wall my mind unravels

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why they are a hero to me

Michael phelps is my untouchable hero because I really like how he went through so many challenges during his swimming career but he never gave up. He persevered through a lot of tough times and never gave up. My hero is Susan my tutor because she always helps me with my education like homework and tests. She always dedicates her time to me.

They both are very strong. Susan is always willing to help me and she never gave up on trying to assist me. Michael Jordan is someone that I always looked up to because he's so strong and brave and he is so inspiring to me.

I want to thank them both.