Prometheus and Zeus' Sacred Fire

Done by Amanda Carpenter and Jeannine Martello

Plot Summary

Prometheus watched his shivering people on Earth and decided to do something about it. He went up to the Heavens to fetch Zeus' embers. He brings it to the people and they begin to cook meat and they are no longer shivering. Zeus smells the cooking meat and comes down to see. Prometheus decides to kill an ox and give the best burned parts to Zeus. But Zeus was furious, he decided to give Prometheus a punishment. He chained Prometheus in iron on top of Caucasus Mountains where an eagle would come down to eat his liver. But because Prometheus was immortal, his liver grew back and he suffered the pain forever. Zeus punished everyone else too by sending a gorgeous, but silly, woman named Pandora...
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What he did

  • He risked his life by bringing fire to the people.
  • He put their well being in front of his own.
  • He shows that you must be kind to others no matter what the cost.