Seek the Colonies

By: Sophie Ruffini

Come Move to the Colonies

Come one, come all! Come move to the colonies! They are along the coast and are able to use water for transportation. Also, you can change the land to suit you. Lastly, in all the colonies you can trade raw materials with England and they will send the colonies some goods so you won't miss your old home. Another country you can trade with is Europe. Usually the colonies exported fish, lumber and tobacco to Europe. So lets go see all they have to offer.

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The 3 Colonies

New England

In New England, there is thin rocky soil and a lot of forests. Also, the colony is near the Atlantic Ocean. It has the coldest climate of all colony's too. Some jobs you can get in New England are farming (not main business), trading, cutting timber, building ships, fishing, whale hunting, merchant, sailor, dock worker, blacksmith, carpenter and more! Natural resources found in New England are fish, whales, timber and fur. Also, they trade and make ships, furs, lamp oil, candles, and perfume. This colony sticks together even in their religion by following the church rules. So it won't be "dangerous". Also, this colony has town meetings to decide rules. The colony strongly believes in education too. Some people you can meet there are the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock found in Cape Cod. They came there to find religious rights. They also met nice Indians like Squanto. The Indians helped the Pilgrims with so much like planting corn. You probably never heard of it, but it's delightful! If you like the cold and snow, you would love it there! That was New England. Hope you pick this colony.

Middle Colony

In the Middle Colony, there is rich soil for farming and rivers flowing. It is warm there too. In this colony, you can be a framer, trader, miller, merchant, sailor, dock worker, blacksmith, carpenter and more! Some natural resources you can find there are wheat, iron, fur, timber and cattle. Some things they trade and make are wheat and ships. There are many religions there too. Many different people come and bring their religions with them. Don't worry, if you move to the Middle Colony, you will have the King of England there too. One town you may like to go to is New Netherlands. It was where New York is now. They found it by trying to find a Northwest passage. It became a huge trading place so if you go there be ready to trade. You will get rich! You can also bring your slaves to help. In the South of New Netherlands they have a really good relationship with the Indians too. That was the Middle Colony. I hope you pick it!

Southern Colony

In the Southern Colony, there is flat land and rich soil. Also, this colony has the warmest climate. Some jobs you can get are farming on plantations, trader, merchant, sailor, dock worker, blacksmith, carpenter and more! Natural resources you can find are tobacco and rice. They also trade rice and tobacco. In different towns, they trade different things. Jamestown trades things like tools with the Powhatans. In this colony, the Catholic religion is welcome in Maryland because the leader is from a Catholic church. Here they have the House of Burgesses which will make sure you and the rest of the colony have a say in the government by letting you pick your representatives by voting. The representatives that got picked are fair and make rules. Also, slaves are welcome to help you too. Having a hard time deciding on a town? Well, a town you can go to is Jamestown. It is in Virginia and James the First was interested in setting up an English colony. So he went and did it! Right now John Smith is the leader of the town. He has married Pocahontas to help with the towns peace with the Indians near by. That was the Southern Colony. I hope you will pick it!