FarmRaiser orders are due soon!

so be sure to make this weekend count

All orders and money are due Monday, March 17th so this weekend is the last chance for your students (and you!) to make some sales and raise just a little more money to make Eisenhower Elementary even better! Below are a few simple things you can do to keep up the momentum on this fundraiser, please try to do at least one:

  • Don't forget that teachers can make sales too! Share the link below on your social media pages to encourage purchases and donations from your network.

  • Offer your students a class prize for helping raise money - a free homework pass, tardy pass, a treat from you if the class reaches a goal, or whatever else gets them excited.

  • Buy something for yourself or your family either online or from a student! Pasta Kit and Pancake mix both are the base for quick, easy, and healthy meals at home. Local coffee is good for your community and jumpstarting your early mornings. And soaps make great gifts for spring holidays!

On your mark, get set, GO!