NCVPS Spanish 3

Update con la Sra. Beverly Aguirre

Week 3, February 12-18

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You are receiving this newsletter because you are listed as the ELA or parent/guardian of a student that I am currently teaching in Spanish 3 this fall.

(If you feel that you have received this message in error, please let me know and I'll remove you from my listserv.)

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WEEK 3, February 12-18 ASSIGNMENTS

We are now starting week 3. Students should have already finished the Getting Started Unit and Unit 1 (a review of Spanish 2). I have contacted parents this past week to let you know how students are doing in our course.

This week we are starting on Unit 2, Las Relaciones Personales (Personal Relationships). As we continue to go through the semester, all units are now 2 weeks, with specific assignments being due each week. Students will now attend one RLC every two weeks. Please encourage students to attend the RLC at the beginning of each new unit as the information in the RLC will help students tremendously in learning the new material and will help them when completing the assignments for the current unit. Assignments are due each Friday evening at 11:55pm. Last, students are encouraged to work ahead in the class! Below is a list of what is due this week and next week for Unit 2.
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Vocabulary Lists for each unit

Students are strongly encouraged to print out the lists of vocabulary for each unit. Students can find the link for the vocabulary list on the Home Page of Canvas for our class.
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Required Live Classes

Students have 2 opportunities to attend an RLC for Unit 2 this week. (They will have 4 opportunities to attend an RLC for Unit 2 next week.) Please encourage your student to check the calendar and plan to attend an RLC for Unit 2 as soon as possible. Attending an RLC will give students opportunities to be in an online classroom with a teacher and other students. Students can interact with the teacher and other classmates and have the opportunity to ask questions.

I will be teaching my RLC for Unit 2 tonight @ 8pm.

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How are grades calculated?

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Late Work Policy

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What is the Culture Cafe?

Culture Café is a unique experience to NCVPS that allows students from all sections, levels and languages to come together in a live, online classroom and learn about a wide variety of cultural aspects from the different countries represented by the languages taught at NCVPS. Students are welcome to attend any scheduled session. Extra credit is currently offered to Spanish students that attend live Culture Café sessions.

Below is a list of the various Culture Cafe sessions offered for students in the next two weeks. Students can go to their Home page on Canvas and click on the icon, The Culture Cafe for a detailed list of future Culture Cafe sessions and how to log into the session. After attending a Culture Cafe session, students will complete a reflection about the class and submit it for extra credit.

Students can attend any of the topics below. It does not have to be about Spanish.

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1. Ask your students how they are doing, what they are doing (which assignment/s) and what they are learning. Ask them to answer specific questions around what they are learning.

2. Have your students show you their grades (they are available 24/7), get/use the parent/observer access (sent out in each newsletter) OR have them give you their log-in info., so you can check in on them anytime. You just click on "Grades" in the left-hand sidebar.

3. Does your student have a smartphone? If so, make sure that (s)he has downloaded the Canvas Student App!

As you probably know, students are not always forthcoming/proactive, so ask them

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Parents and facilitators can now download the CanvasParent app in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Parents and facilitators will need student login information to set up their parent accounts. This will have to come from the school. NCVPS cannot supply login credentials to parents or facilitators. Check with your school's e-learning advisor (ELA).

The Canvas Parent app is designed to provide visibility into a student's progress at a glance. Canvas Parent allows both parents and facilitators to:

  • View assignment descriptions and due dates
  • Set reminders for assignments
  • View assignment grades
  • View course grades
  • Set grade alerts
  • View course announcements

Here are several helpful links:

Canvas Parent Guide Overview

Canvas Parent Android Guide

Canvas Parent iOS Guide

The Peer Tutoring Center is Available to Help!

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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre