Who, What, When, Where, & Why

The 9-11 incident was one of the worlds worst terrorist attacks. It happened on September 11, 2001 in different places in New York City & Washington D.C, where over 3000 people were killed during the attacks including more than 400 police officers and firefighters. 9-11 was caused by 19 militants who associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda who hijacked 4 airlines and carried out suicide attacks against the targets in the United States.

Perspective #1

During 9-11 some people think that it was a terrorist attack There were four plans that were hijacked by terrorist. 2 of the planes crashed into the twin towers located in New York City. One of them didn't make it they had crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. The other plane had crashed into the Pentagon right outside of Washington D.C.

Perspective #2

Some people say that 9-11 was caused by the government. They say that because of the way of how the plans crashed into the buildings. People think that the bombs have already been planted in the buildings before the plans even crashed into them. As if the government had set the plan up. Because The building didn't fall the way it should have if a plane crashed into it. They say that the planes were holographic.

Media Bias

I think that 9-11 was real as it can get. I have no clue how they could make holographic airplanes flying in the air without a projector. I honestly don't think that the government would want to kill that many innocent people. They even have debris from the airplane and the crash. If it was there wouldn't b anything of the airplane. Or people that was on the planes could have family members that know that it isn't fake. In my eyes i think that 9-11 was not fake and was a planned terrorist attack that didn't go fully as planned.

Criticism #1

9-11 had a big impact on what people think about different races especially Muslims. After 9-11 the Muslim culture was labeled as bad people. People wont do a lot of things because they think terrorist are involved or is going to be around. Most people cannot trust the Muslim culture because of their past. You never know which one is a terrorist or not that's why people cant trust them.

Criticism #2

After 9-11 people were afraid of riding airplanes. People always thought something like that could happen again at anytime. They were traumatized by airplanes and what could happen on a airplane. the impact 9-11 had on different people was crazy. A lot of people wouldn't even go to a airport because they think terrorist could be in them.