Happy Thursday!

Please forgive the Fall Picture mistake. Our Fall Pictures are on October 8th! Your children looked as pretty as a picture, but actually they all look amazing everyday. Our kids are just the best-it doesn't matter what day or what event is happening!

Thank you to everyone that is remembering to call the school whenever your child is going to be absent. We also appreciate you bringing in doctor's notes and for scheduling appointments after school whenever possible. Our school grade is highly affected by attendance and more importantly than that-your child's learning is highly affected by being in school on a regular basis. Please make every effort to have your child at school by 8:00 and try very hard to not check them out early. Your child is late after 8:15 and tardy if picked up early. We appreciate how wonderful our families at Edmond Doyle are and we know that you love your children and only want the best for them. We love being your partner in raising educated, productive, and caring children. Enjoy your children being the age they are now-they grow up all too quickly. My Kyle will be 33 soon and my Jessie just turned 24. It happened in the blink of an eye-cherish every moment you have with your babies, but know this-it doesn't matter how old they become-they'll always need your love and guidance. I still enjoy my children and now I get to enjoy my grandchildren. Being around children is the best thing I get to do-I hope you all feel the same way.
  • Saturday, September 12th-Pride in McAlester Paint Day at Edmond Doyle...we will be painting our outside benches. Come join us! Bring your brush-many hands make light work!
  • Tuesday, September 15th-Dot and Dad's Day
  • Wednesday, September 16th-Grandparent's Day
  • Thursday, September 17th-Constitution Day
  • Thursday, September 17th-Parent/Teacher Conference 3:30-6:30
  • Friday, September 18th-Parent/Teacher Conference 8:00-12:00
  • If these days do not work for you-let your child's teacher know what works best for you-we want to have 100% participation-it is very IMPORTANT that you meet with your child's teacher-we all must work together for our kids to be successful!
  • Sign up for Schoolway.com!! Our followers are up to 93 from 77!! If you have an Android or an Apple please go to the Playstore and join us! It's such an easy way for me to keep in touch with you! Plus, it's exciting to see our followers increase. Check out Edmond Doyle on Facebook. Mrs. Chlebik keeps it updated for us!