Year In Review: 2015

Made by Frissia Valeria P

Fashion: Companies, or Industries, who marketed themselves the best

Balmain X H&M

The creative director of Balmain, Oliver Roustieng, agreed to do a collaboration with retailer company H&M for the starting collection. This was not only seen as a simple get together, for the designer and company, but a start to make better progress for the future. Roustieng picked H&M because they give him the opportunity to use his uniqueness to thrive, and bring others into his world to achieve their dream to hit globally. This was considered to be seen as a movement using this hashtag, #HMBALMAINATION, to symbol togetherness. So far their dreams seem to become more real than expected.


Reaching #1, in the world-list cite, for best fashion brand of the world. This luxurious British fashion industry has a great reputation (High as Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.). It has been a widely copied trademark from all around and keeps on staying at the top. For having unique patterns, their style could never be pushed down. The founder, Thomas Burberry, would be over filled with pride. Burberry is known for its shoes, Bags, and Trent-coat.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Starting off as just a Salon, Anastasia Soare is known to be a positive and very determined worker. She started her career in her own small business that ended up flourishing gracefully online with the start of her eyebrow care. Now, with the making of make-up products and facial care, the Mother-Daugherty business is worldwide. Most famously know for Anastasia Brow Kit, Anastasia Contour Pallet, and Anastasia lipstick line.

Fashion products: YAY or NAY

YAY: Dark Washed Denim Dresses (image to the left)

Its love.

NAY: Super chunky flat form (image in the center)

An inch can give you a height arrangement, while begin so comfortable, but a 4-inch flat form ruins the entire style. Looks overdone.

YAY: Farrow & Ball - Tanner Brown (image to the right)

Well balance in pale tones and natural light. An ageless and unending vibe it pushes off.

Movies To Remember

Musical Artist

2015 Top 10 Best Pens for Students


JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen


Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen


Lamy Safari Fountain Pen


Lamy Fountain Pen


R.S.V.P Ballpoint Stick Pen

New Year Resolution

Personal improvement| Fix sleeping hours

Family and friends| Make more memories

School| Don't give up and get lazy throughout the next few months

Outside world| Say hello