GCHS Marketing 1

Ethics and School Store Policy

Negative School Store Scenarios

  • Shortage of change
  • Out of stock items
  • Staff shortage
  • Missing money
  • Discounted items
  • Store responsibility
  • Peer problems
  • Theft
  • Returns
  • Hygiene and cleaning
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Code of Ethics

Image: Our public image is the representation of all employees including yourself and how we run our business. You are to represent your business in a professional and respectful manner at all times. You should never perform or communicate an act that could hurt our public image.

Respect: All employees in the store must treat each other with respect. No person should be discriminated against for their race, sex, age, orientation, religion, or country of origin. All employees are given an equal opportunity and any person preventing that based on any of the listed reasons will be dealt with in a professional manner.

Honesty: Employees on and off the job are to hold themselves to a higher standard. You are required to truthfully communicate between your peers and marketing director. The standard procedure should be followed at all times whether or not your marketing director is present. In case of a substitute or foreign supervisor you should always demonstrate standard procedure in the case of lack of knowledge by your supervisor. All employees have been given the opportunity to become apart of the business and is expected to follow within the guidelines.

Fairness: In the school store you have been given the opportunity to maximize your potential and learning skills. No employee shall be held or looked at higher than another. All employees are to carry out their assigned jobs and responsibilities. Employees not doing so should not be confronted, instead you should notify your marketing director of the problem. We as a business would like to keep a peaceful work environment where all problems are to be reported and dealt with by your marketing director.

Currency and Cash Handling:
All currency handled within the store is only allowed to be handled by the employee assigned to the designated drawer, accountants, and/or marketing director. If there ever is a shortage of change, notify your marketing manager or accountant if there is one on hand. You are expected to be able handle currency in an honest and responsible manner. This helps prevent employee theft and minimizes the loss of money.

Selling & ordering: Items sold in the store must be kept in an order designated by your marketing director. All items will be sold at the price determined by your marketing director and must be unless otherwise stated. Any advertisements such as discounted items and new items must be sold at which they're advertised whether or not your knowledge of the price is correct or incorrect. Discounted and damaged merchandise will be marked down at specific times within the store and placed on top of the counter. If a customer asks a question about an item in the store you are to tell them the honest answer. If your answer could hurt the store economically or you do not know how to answer, get your marketing director. Items in the store should always be monitored and a customer is to never be left alone while in the store. Customers are to remain on the other side of the counters in the lobby with the rope always up during store hours. We have a no return policy within the store to protect cross contamination and liability within the store. You will need to determine the amount of stock for each item in the store and know which items you are out of. You are responsible for keeping the store full with items. At certain points your marketing director will outline your procedure for ordering. When items are received you will go over the invoice as you check in the items. Any gifts or bonuses given by a supplier are to still be marked down on the invoice to keep track of stock. You are to do a direct check for each delivery. A quality check is also permitted however spot checks are not. This helps prevent out of stock items, discounted and damaged items, returns, and theft.

Hygiene & Cleaning: All employees in the store must wash their hands before handling food. Before opening everyday counters should be wiped down, floors swept, glass cleaned and cookie holders wiped down. Once to twice a week all machines should get wiped down. This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria in the store.

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