Fit 4 Summer Challenge Group

Get Lean and Clean This Month

What Is It?

Join the Fit 4 Summer Challenge Group to kick start some serious results and fast! For 30 days, we'll be working out, eating clean, and keeping each other on track. Let's get our bodies beach ready! We will focus on breaking old habits and making new ones.

Where Is It?

Facebook is where all the cool kids hang out....and that's where we will be too!!! Our Challenge Group will meet "virtually" via a SECRET Facebook group - it's "secret" so all postings stay completely within the group!! A Challenge Group is one of the best ways to get accountability, motivation, and inspiration on your fitness journey. It's a group of folks, all of us leading crazy busy lives, all of us wanting to live our healthiest lives, who share our successes and struggles on a daily basis. Can we do it?? ABSOLUTELY!!