Fronts and Air Masses

Learn all about Fronts and Air Masses!

Air Masses

First you have to know what a air mass is. The jist of air masses is that they'er a large body of air. There are 4 different types of air masses 1.Continental air masses they usually form over land and are very dry. 2. Maritime air mass would be the second, they form over water and are very wet often times they will bring rain or something that contains water. 3. the third would be Tropical air masses, they form over some place warm and very warm. 4. The fourth is the polar air mass, they form some place cold and very far from the equator.

Air Masses (extra info)

It will help allot if you read my slide above about the over all under standing of air masses. In this i am going some fun things about air masses. Air masses come in pairs. They are also named by pairs. An air mass has to be there for a while for it to pick up charistics


Fronts deal with air masses . Fronts are the bounder where two air masses meet. They are named for the air mass trying to take over that space. Now i'm going to tell you about the different types of fronts. theirs cold fronts - witch move faster then warm fronts. stationary fronts - stays over the land doesn't want to move. the last one is the occluded front. Extra info = Radiation - suns energy reflected or absorbed. Conduction - Earth absorbs and gives off as heat. Convection - Cold air goes down while warm air goes up.