Bringing Home Your Baby

Tips and Tricks


For the first few weeks of you baby's life, she will hold herself in a tightly curled position clenching her fists. Don't worry, the baby's head should look elongated.

During the first month of life, your baby will have little control over her body. She will begin to turn her head, wave her arms, and kick her legs.

Your baby will become increasingly aware of the environment. She will get a sense of the direction of noises.


One to Three Months

Your baby will now have more control over their actions. Her clinched fists relax, and she can now open and close her hands.

The baby's depth perception becomes stronger, and she can even focus on objects as far as 3 feet away.

4-6 Months

Now, she will become more active. Your baby will begin to reach and grab objects. She will even begin to pass objects from one hand to the other. An important thing to remember is to stay positive around your child. She will now be able to understand unhappy speech.


7-9 Months

During this stage, you will have to keep a good eye on your baby. She will begin to practice standing and crawling. Because her brain is growing, she can now recognize your voice. She can also drink by herself and pick up food.

10-12 Months

At this stage, your child is more independent. She will be able to stand and walk with the assistance of furniture.