MAY 2015


We have some really exciting updates from the past few weeks and some major developments coming in the near future. As always, we truly appreciate you investing time and energy following our ministry as we prepare to go overseas.


We're super excited to share about two highlights from the past couple weeks with our local ministry. First, Kelley hosted a baby shower for a Turkish frend who lives in our apartment complex and we had between 20-30 Turkish women come to our home for the party. It was a great opportunity to develop new relationships and during the party, David was able to share the gospel in depth with her husband.

The second major highight from this month was attending a Turkish holiday celebration in the park. About 50 Turks gathered to eat a meal and celebrate National Sovereignty Day, and we were able to join them and meet a lot of new people. We're excited that God is growing our friendships within the local community, and we hope this allows for gospel conversations, language development, and culture acquisition.


1. That God would soften the hearts of our Turkish friends for the Gospel.

2. That God would use our local ministry, our life group, and our church to equip us for our ministry overseas.

3. That God would grow Kennedy to know Him and love Him from an early age.

4. That God would provide us with wisdom to discern His will.

5. That God would encourage and strengthen our friends and future teammates currently serving overseas.

6. That God would begin to bring together a people to join our ministry support team.

A few months ago we were praying that God would do big things through us in our move to these apartments. It is SO encouraging to see His faithfulness to answer that prayer through these relationships. Praise be to Him!