Dylan Bryant's Bucket List



I would go bow fishing on the gulf coast of Florida. i would go with my brother. the wind and water cause physical weathering.
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Bowfishing Swamp Style

2# bridge bungee jumping- in 11131 Malibu Drive, Dallas, TX 75229

I would go bridge bungee jumping in Dallas. i would go with my friends. water erodes out the area under the bridge. and water is caused by physical weathering.
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3# hang gliding - in Rio

i would go hang gliding in Rio. i would go with my brother. wind erodes the sides of the mountain witch is physical weathering
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4# wing suit flying - Zephyrhills, Florida

i would go wing suit flying in Zephyrhills, Florida. i would go with my dad and brother. we would see a river. the weathering is physical the river carves out the land that is the force of erosion.
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5# cage of death in australia

i would go with my friends that way i can watch them cry =P

the water in the pit carves out the rocks in the pit which is physicals weathering

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Swimming with a hungry Crocodile or Is it an Alligator?