Full Board Meeting Minutes


Week in Review:

This was it guys. We'll see you next semester and good luck on all your finals. Travel safely home!

Bobcat of the Week

This week's bobcat of the week goes to JSB for is inexplicably awesomeness in regards to the finals week survival bags. Your hard work was so appreciated!


Paw Props this week goes to all of Full Board for a GREAT semester!

And alos to Kendra for being basically the coolest ever.

You Rock Award

This week the You Rock Award was passed from Alysha to Danielle for all her help with finals week survival bags. You weren't expected to do all that you did, and it was so appreciated. YOU ROCK!

Presidential Notes

No office hours this week.

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting this week even with finals, like tomorrow. You're cooler than average.

Find updated points, finance records, and shared documents here.

Katrina and the OUAA

Think about all that we've done!

40 events

15 new members

Over $7,500 raised

Over 9,000 lbs. of food raised for the Athens County Food Pantry

Over 3,700 students reached by our programming

3 new apparel items

Connected with alumni in new and innovative ways

Created consistent branding standards

Implemented a new financial incentives program

Collaborated with 5 other main organizations on campus this semester

10 new events

Won the bid for OHIO CASE ASAP State Day

Congrats on a great semester!!!

Melissa and Membership

Email the MelKel for absences at sabmembership1804@gmail.com, please CC the respective VP in any emails regarding absences to Melissa. This is especially important for mandatory events.

Kate and Communications


Let Kate know if your interested. Still $35. Still Medium. Still running a little big. Still Awesome.

Thanks to everyone who may or may not have requested coms.

If there is any apparel you have not picked dup that you should have- tell me and I'll get that to you next semester.

Hannah and Finance


Payment for all items is 2 weeks after receipt of the item. After 2 weeks, your points will be frozen, no exceptions. Talk to Hannah if there are conflicts.

Financial Tip: Join this website for cheap textbooks:


Thanks for that Student Senate.

Phil and Alumni Engagement

B2B went super well, so thanks!

An Alumna is making OU ornaments. You can order some and help spread the OU love. If you send a thank you to your mentor, Katrina will pay for an ornament for you to send to your mentor as a thank you give. Here is the link to the order form.

Turn in a Thank you note to Katrina or Phil this week, or complete the online form (coming soon).

Interested in DC Networking Week?The OUAA is now sponsoring 4-6 members to go to DC Networking Week. Keep your eyes peeled for a form to fill out to apply. (thanks Katrina!) Apply here!

Mak and Professional Development

Need Points?

Go to linked in and participate in old and new posts!

Fill out the internship and job database if you haven't, it's on the drive.

Send Mak your resume over Christmas break if you want a second set of eyes on it!

"The resources are still there"

There are plenty of Professional Development resources here- check it out for tips and tricks!

Allison and Student Outreach

And the spring recruitment theme is- drumroll- "POP out of the crowd, join SAB!"

Get excited for lots of fun food featuring the word "POP!" and comic book like graphics on promo stuff.

Let Allison know if you have any other POPPING ideas. (baahahhaaaa)

Get the Scoop

12-2 in Front Room Jan. 19, 21, 25, and 27

Founder's Day

Feb. 18

Save the date! Baker Birthday Bash

Follow us on your social media accounts!


Facebook: Student Alumni Board

Alysha and Fundraising

Finals Week Survival bags were a huge hit!

  • 315 Bags Sold

  • 24 Random Acts of Kindness Bags

  • 2 trips to Parkersburg

  • 85 hours spent putting this together

  • 37 missing addresses tracked down

  • Delivered to 41 residence halls

  • 29 spring bags pre-ordered

  • Expect to bring in at least $6,000 in profit

Congrats Alysha, Nick, Laura, and Fundraising

Amanda and Philanthropy

Pop Tab Competition: We won! (by a lot) SO GREAT JOB GUYS! Pizza party coming to a FB near you.


BOTB Project Manager: The Bare on the Bricks PM application is now live! Send this completed form to Amanda (am822312@ohio.edu) by December 6th to be considered for the position.

Emily and Internal Activities


Emily is hold one last point op for you guys who are close!

    • Monday, December 7th 10am-1pm

    • Baker room 341

You have to stay for at least an hour to get the point!


Justin and Member at Large Info

No office hours this week.

No library hours this week.

Congrats to Hannah and Colleen for winning the end of the semester points raffle!

His contact info:



End of Meeting Announcements

Kate- We have one M Jacket for sale! Contact Kate with interest!

That's all folks.

Until next semester. This is Kate Stone with your meeting minutes.