Andrew Clements

By Joseph Sullivan

No Talking

Lets say the boys and girls at Laketon Elementery don't quite like each other. Who talks more boys or girls? The students are trying to figure that out. Boys vs girls whoever talks less wins! The teachers are trying to figure out whats happning. But who knows, maybe there will be no winner and everything will turn out okay.


Frindle? What the heck is a frindle?! Nick Allen is not a big fan of his 5th grade ELA teacher Mrs. Granger. So he decides to play a little trick on her. Since she is such a fan of our english language she decides to change the word pen to frindle. Now everyone is using the word frindle and Mrs.Granger is against it. Or is She.

My opinion on Frindle and No Talking

My opinion on No Talking

I'd give No Talking 2 stars. It wasn't the best book I have ever read. I wouldn't recomend it to one of MY friends. The topic seems sort of pointless. I mean, seriously, no talking for 2 days. Come on Andrew.

My opinion on Frindle

I'd give this book 3 stars. It's just like No Talking. You make up a new word become a millionair. What dimention was this book take place in. In both of the books they're fighting against the teachers. Andrew Clements, get some new ideas

A connection to Frindle and No Talking to my life

Frindle is about never giving up. Just like one time when I dropped a pop fly. I felt horrible. I didn't want to play. But then I pushed that away and made a double play. Never give up.

The theme in no talking is ignore the downers and continue what you're doing. Me and some friends wanted to play basketball. They said they were doing substitutions. But we said I don't want to spend our recess waiting for our turn so we played anyway and everything turned out alright.