Problems of Africa

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Desertification is a problem because it dries up the land, making it hard for both plants and animals to survive there. Sudan is greatly affected by desertification, and the people are finding it hard to continue living there.
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Overpopulation means that the population is increasing too much, and there are not enough resources for everyone. The sub- Saharan region is increasing by 2.5% annually. Ethiopia and Nigeria's population could even triple over the next fifty years.
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An apartheid is a racial segregation in South Africa, the apartheid was introduced after WW2.
Nelson Mandela: Rachel Maddow talks about the history of apartheid in South Africa


In the nation of Rwandan, over 800,000 people, most of Tutsi minority, were murdered. Hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were murdered before the government could gain control over the situation.
Africa In The City - Rwanda, 20 Years After Genocide

Civil war

Rebels from the Central African Republic took over several big cities in Africa before taking over the capital. The rebels wanted to gain control over the nation. The French government tried to step in to protect their citizens.
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The leading disease of Africa is pneumonia, it is common in some parts of Africa because they have little access to healthcare, it is most prominent in the sub- Saharan region. HIV/AIDS is also very common in that area because premarital sex is common.
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Lack of education

Lack of education will lead to many problems. For example, illiterate people will have a higher disease rate because they are poorer and have less access to medicine, also they are not educated well enough to realize how to properly treat illness. 64% of Africans are illiterate, whereas only 19% of Americans are illiterate and we have less problems than them.

Rites of passage

A rite of passage is a ceremony or event in a person's life that must be completed in order to move on to the next stage of life. In the massai tribe in Africa, boys aged 12-25 must complete this ritual to be considered men. The ritual is described in the article.
Maasai Rites Of Passage Part 1


Swahili is a bantu language used in eastern Africa. It is mostly spoken in Kenya, Tanzania, and in parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
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Polygamy is the practice of having multiple wives or husbands at one time. Polygamy is practiced all over Africa, but it is especially prominent in South Africa and Kenya.
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Bantu is a big part of the Niger-Congo language that is spoken all over Africa. There are more than 650 types of Bantu. Bantu is spoken mostly in sub- Saharan Africa, mostly the southern hemisphere.
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