ALC Updates

Ticket Reservations


Hello again from Stanford! I am writing to tell you about the ticket reservations for fun activities. Please read this entire email as it contains important information about this year's ALC program. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE FORM BELOW BY NEXT TUESDAY, JULY 12th.

This year we are planning for baseball game, Great America, and Santa Cruz. Below are brief descriptions of the activities and the cost. When you decide whether you will attend or not, please fill out the online form below.

All these activities are OPTIONAL, but if you would like VIA to reserve a ticket (or secure transportation) for you for either or all of these activities, please put in a request by JULY 12 by midnight in Asia.

Please note that once you place a request, you cannot change your tickets, and if you miss the deadline, we will not be able to reserve a ticket for you.

You can pay for the tickets after you arrive at Stanford by cash. It is best to reserve as soon as you know because tickets may sell out.

Reserve Your Tickets Here

Please reserve your tickets by July 12th!