CMS Modified Track & Field

2016: General Information

Meets this Week on Monday & Thursday

Monday - at Brighton High School.

Thursday - at Irondequoit High School.

Please read the information below about transportation to/from meets.

Note - If any of the links included below require a password, the password for all district webpages is Canandaigua.

Calendar and Schedule

In general, we will practice from 3:30 - 5:00 everyday that we have school. We will not practice on weekends or during spring break. Click HERE to access our calendar. (Note - click on the tabs at the top or bottom of the calendar to change months).

You may also wish to visit the Monroe County Schedules Online site. It should be continuously updated, and you can automatically sync our schedule into your personal electronic calendar.

(Note - while the schedule states that all meets begin at 4:30, officials sometimes like to start a little early, so you might want to plan on arriving by 4:15 if your child is in an early event).

Transportation after meets: (If your child rides the bus back to CMS)

  • Transportation is provided to and from meets. All athletes must ride the bus to away meets. However, parents may transport their kids home from meets (see below).

  • We are typically back at CMS between 6:30 and 7:00. We will remind kids to call/text when we are approximately 15 minutes from school, and will typically send a text to those who have signed up for messages via

  • We REALLY appreciate parents being at CMS when the buses arrive. (While we enjoy spending time with your children, after teaching and coaching for almost 12 hours, waiting an extra 20-30 minutes for kids to be picked up can seem like an eternity).

  • Please pick up your child after away meets on the Chapel Street bus loop (see photo above). This allows us to supervise students who are waiting, and to make sure that all of our athletes have been picked up before we leave.

Transportation after meets, Part 2: (If you would like to drive your child home after a meet)

  • Our general expectation is that all athletes remain with the team until the end of the meet. However, we do understand that there may occasionally be situations which make it necessary for athletes to leave early. In such cases, if possible, please try to communicate with the coaches before the meet begins.

  • In order to help us keep track of all of our athletes, please be sure to sign out your child if you are going to transport him/her home after a meet. Also, please keep in mind that the coaches are often busy during meets with timing, recording, dealing with injuries, and coaching, so you may have to be patient and wait for an opportunity to sign your child out. (Signing kids out after the meet has ended is often the easiest).

Transportation after meets, Part 3: (Transporting children other than one's own after an away meet)

  • Note - such permission is NOT required to transport others’ children after practices or once the buses have dropped us off at CMS. It is only necessary for transporting a child directly from away competitions.

Pick up after practices

During the first week of practice, we will practice at the Middle School. After the first week, we will practice at the High School. Please pick up your child at our practice location. (Coaches must wait until all kids are picked up, so please try to make alternate ride arrangements if you are unable to pick up your child by 5:20). At the Academy, coaches will wait with athletes at the entrance nearest to the field house and pool; please plan on picking up your child there so we can be sure that everyone has been picked up before we leave. (See picture below):

Big image

Modified Track & Field Events

Modified Track & Field includes several different events.

Running events are the 55 Meter hurdles, 55 M, 100 M, 200 M, 400 M, 800 M, and 1500 M, as well as two relay races: the 4 x 100, and the 4 x 200.

Field events are the high jump, long jump, and triple jump, as well as the shot put, and discus.

Athletes can participate in two or three events. This can include two running events and a field event, or two field events and a running event. We try to encourage kids to do three events at meets. Over the course of the season, we will try to introduce all of our athletes to all of the events, and encourage kids to challenge themselves and not merely stick to what they perceive to be the "easiest". Every season, we have had kids who overcome their initial reluctance to try new events, and end up discovering that they actually enjoy the events that they did not want to try. So, please encourage your child to listen to his/her coaches' suggestions and be willing to push themselves.

Click HERE for the order of events at modified meets. Note - field events take place concurrently with running events; those participating in field events will be allowed to leave the field event to participate in a running event before returning to complete the field events.

Communications, Cancellations, & Last-Minute Changes of Plans

Occasionally, the weather may force us to cancel practice or to change locations. If so, we will try to let both kids and parents know as soon as possible, but there may be times when it has to be a last-minute decision. We will utilize to send text messages and/or emails in such cases. (This service is available for both parents and students). Note - if you signed up for this service last year, or for another sport/class, you will need to sign up again to be included in this season's messages. Click HERE for more information and/or to sign up for this free service.

Team Pictures

Team pictures were taken on Thursday (4/14) during practice.

I don't have any information about pictures (delivery dates, payment, etc.); if you have any questions or concerns, you can try contacting the company directly at (you might need the “Picture Day ID” which is DW215224X0 (I think that last character is a ZERO, but if might be the letter O); the customer service number is 1-800-244-4373.

Uniforms & Optional Apparel

Our modified track uniforms consist of a grey t-shirt that can be purchased from the Canandaigua Track online store. (These are the same t-shirts as last year, so kids who already have one should be all set). Please let us know as soon as possible if the uniform cost or online ordering is an issue.

In addition to the uniform t-shirts, there are several OPTIONAL apparel choices available for purchase through the online store. (Click HERE to access the online store).

When ordering, please enter the student’s (not the parent’s) name in the “Additional Comments” section. (This will make it much easier to package/distribute the orders). Expected delivery is April 11th.

Info about practices

Practice times are 3:30- 5:00. After school dismissal at 2:15, students should wait in the Middle School cafeteria (or with a teacher) until they are dismissed for practice. During the first week, when we will be practicing at the Middle School, the coaches will meet students in the cafeteria at 3:15. After the first week, students will be dismissed around 3:00 to allow them time to walk to the high school for practice. Athletes are expected to be ready to practice at 3:30 unless they have a legitimate excuse (such as working with a teacher, jazz band/fiddle club, academic study hall, etc).

Students are expected to dress appropriately for practice and meets. Even on "nice" days, the track can be cold and windy if kids are not prepared for the weather. We HIGHLY recommend sweatshirts/jackets, and gloves, hats/headbands, etc. (A water bottle is also a good idea).