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October 21, 2022

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Welcome from Mr. Hiley

Dear Ivan Green Families:

You may have noticed that this week we are using a different product for our newsletter. We have moved back to Smore, which is a product that is visually appealing, easy to manage, and can be easily translated into multiple languages with online language translation tools. I hope you like it!

Next week is our Socktober event, where students are being invited to follow a theme each day while donating socks, hats, or gloves for a local homeless shelter. The event concludes on October 31 (Monday) with the option to dress in a costume or to dress like you are going to a sock-hop. Dressing up is an option, of course. Students are invited to take the simple way and wear their pod colors in lieu of managing a costume at school. I am sure we will see a range of these options on Monday! See the graphic below for daily themes.

If students decide to bring a costume to school, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. No masks
  2. No blood or gore
  3. No weapons
  4. Costumes should be something your child can put on/take off independently.

Each classroom teacher will set his/her parameters around how they will manage costumes. Many teachers find the costumes to be distracting for an entire day, so they designate a time in the day for costume-wearing.


Lucas Hiley. Ed.D.



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Upcoming Events

October 24 - 28 - Ivan Green Safety Week and Socktober

October 29 - PTA Event - Scoot-tacular! See below

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Families are invited to IG on October 29 to ride bikes or scooters. Crafts and refreshments will be provided.  The event runs from 10AM-noon. Costumes are optional. Children must be accompanied by an adult

Safety Week

In addition to the excitement of Socktober, we will be practicing some safety drills next week. We have scheduled the drills at specific times, because we partner with the Irondequoit Police Department in conducting many of our drills. We value the feedback we receive from the IPD to make sure we are conducting our drills as safely as possible.

As a matter of state guidance, we will do a school evacuation (fire drill) once a month along with three additional lock-down drills.

We will practice the following next week:

  • Lock down
  • Lockout
  • Hold in Place
  • Shelter in Place
  • Out-the-Window Fire Drill

A Peek at Our Week

PBIS Corner

Showing HEART in the Hallway

Today's HEART focus is our Ivan Green Hallways. If you talk to your child about these expectations, they should sound familiar!

Students who show HEART in the hallway do the following:

  • Greet Others
  • Eyes Forward
  • Hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Go to destination
  • Stay right
  • Walking Feet
  • Stay focused
Greet Others Eyes Forward Hands, feet, and objects to self Go to destination Stay right Walking Feet Stay focused
Signed banner: I belong. You belong. We belong.