By: Alec


There are multiple ways people call this star

1. Alpha Herculis

2. Rasalgethi

3. Ras Algethi

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About Rasalgethi

At about 360 light years away, Rasalgethi is the 129th brightest star in the sky. The best time to see this star is mid evening in the middle of summer

Mass and Diameter

If Rasalgethi was put on the Sun's position, the diameter would be past the orbit of Mars but not quite the asteroid belt. The mass of it is 2.15 ± 0.22 M which describes the size


Rasalgethi is located at the top part of the consolation Hercules. It is the 2nd brightest star in that consolation.
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Absolute magnitude: -2.3

Apparent magnitude: 2.8

Spectral type and luminosity

The spectral type on and HR Diagram is M5IIvar / (G5III+F2V), while the luminosity is 8,300

Temperature (K)

The surface is about 2,800 K


An Italian inventor named Riccioli found it with a telescope