Chemistry 101

Tha basics of Chemistry

The stepping stones for chemistry

Chemistry is something that is all around us. from the weather outside top the shoes on your feet. everywhere you go something pertaining to chemistry will be there.

You use measurements in your everyday life. In chemistry everything is measuered in some type of unit. A commmon unit is miles. Kilometers and miles are units of length in diffrent parts of the measurment system. The measurement system i am refering to is the SI unit. In 1795 french scientist adopted the standard unit called the metric system. In the 1960's the science committe of science updated the metric system. the revised system is now called Systeme International d' Unites.

* Base unit- defined unit in the system of measurement based on an object or event in the physical world.

*Seconds- unit for time.

*Meter- unit for length.

*Kilogram- unit for mass.

*Derived unit- unit defined by a combination of base units. Two qualities are volume and density.

Substance is another thing to keep in mind as you read this flyer.

*Substance- matter that has a uniform and unchanging compisition.

The physical Properties can be observed without changing the compisition. Chemical properties make up a substances ability to mix with or change into one or more substances. Both physical and chemical properties are affected by the external conditions like tempereature and pressure. The three common states are solid, liquid, and gas.

A physical change alters the physical properties of a tion and involves a change in the chemical compisition. A chemical reaction, reactants form products. The law of conservation of mass stataes that mass is neither created or destroyed during a chemical reaction, its stored.

*Mixture- is a physial blend of two or nore pure substances in any proportion.

Solutions are Generally homogenous mixtures. Mixtures can be seperated by physical means. Common seperations techniques can be filterations and chromatography. Elements are substances that cant ve broken downinto simplier substances by chemical or physical means. The element is organized in the periodic table of elements. A compound is a chemical combination of two or more elements. Properties of compounds are diffrent from the properties of their component elements. The law of definite proportionsstates tat a compound is always composed of the same elements in the same proportion. the law of multiple proportions states that if elements form more than one compound, the compounds will have compisitions that are small, whole numbers multiples off each other.

Math in Chemistry

Math is a large part of chemistry. Everything has to be converted or changed.


3.8 x 104 m

That is a basic Conversion problem. Algebra is the most common math in chemistry.