December 2, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Our week off for family and food seems to have left us with several staff members out with the flu or pneumonia. As we struggle through several subs in the building, stay strong! The end is near and two weeks of respite are around the corner.

In other news, Mr. Daly, Mrs. Adomako and Mrs. Ryall were fortunate to attend the Gwinnett Digital Learning Conference where we had the opportunity to hear Travis Allen, the president of the iSchool Initiative, speak. Several professor's from Kennesaw State University's Instructional Technology Department also came out to discuss topics such as "The Gamification of Education" and "The Flipped Classroom." We learned that several teachers in the county are using games like MineCraft to teach social studies and science AKS in their classrooms. We learned tips and tricks like burning DVDs of instructional videos for students with out computer or internet access to view at home and still participate in a flipped classroom environment.

We also got a chance to go on the bus....

Digital Learning Revolution (The Bus)

See what I see on location with the iSchool Initiative!

iSchool Initative - Travis Allen

The following video is where Travis Allen's journey began. After getting written up for using his phone to take a picture of the class notes he created the following video. As a result Travis went on to create an organization that travels to schools all over America training teachers to incorporate technology in to the classroom.
Becoming a Mobile Learning - iSchool Initiative (Original)