The Southeast Us

Jaye Gossett&Fallyn Berry


The Southeast consist of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina , South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Place and Regions- Physical and Human Charicteristics.

The Southeast has many Physical features. The Appalachian Mountains runs through the Northern part of the Southeast. The Black belt is located in Alabama and Mississippi, this Physical feature is a path of dark soil. It was one of the South’s most important agricultural areas before the Civil War. Corn was also grown, but cotton was the most important crop.

The Southeast also has many features that would not be here today without us. This includes Nashville, Tennessee. This large town is the "home" of Music; Teenage kids life!

Human Environment Interactions- The way we effect the Enviroment.

Pollutions plays a huge part in the Environment. Humans today have made a amazing impact all over the World. But, with was amazing impact, pollution is created by the large Factories, or the cars and planes we use to travel with everyday.

Movement- The way people, goods, and ideas travel from place to place.

Technology is almost everything we do. To the way we talk to one another, to the way one gets across the world. The Southeast has many rivers and channels to ship things. Planes are a major way for travel and shipping. Computers, Tablets, Phones are just a few ways ideas get from place to place.

Interdependance- Dependant on other regions;How other regions depend on them.

Other Regions depend on the Southeast for its Crops, Transformation, Waterways, Fishing, and Factories. At the same time the Southeast is dependent on other regions for their Crops in the south, Major factories in the North. The Southeast also depends on overseas areas like China, where most of out major brands come from.