Grading with Flubaroo

Lunch and Learn:

Google Drive Add-on

Flubaroo is an add-on tool for Google sheets that will quickly grade and analyze online assignments such as Google Forms. Advance features allows you to email results to students and assign your own scores to open ended questions.

To Add Flubaroo to your Add-ons

Start by clicking on Add-ons in the menu and select Get Add-ons. In the search add-ons window, search for Flubaroo. When you find it, click the blue +free button. Confirm allowing it to use your Google account and it will now be in your add-on list permanently.

Enabling Flubaroo

To run Flubaroo, click on Add-ons from your menu bar, and select Flubaroo. Then Enable Flubaroo in this sheet. You will need to do this each time you have a new form. It will pop up with a notification that Flubaroo is now enabled. After you have more than 3 responses you can run Grade Assignment.