A Walk to Remember IRP

Anu Polamraju

Differences Between the Novel and Book

In the beginning of the book, A Walk to Remember Landon ran for the school President because his dad wanted him to.While in the movie, Landon did not run for school president. The reason the election is so important in the book is because it leads up to Landon needing a date so he does not make a bad appearance. Also, it shows that Landon's father is hard on him because he wants him to follow in his footsteps.

In the movie,Landon's last attempt at a date for the school dance was with Jamie Sullivan. Jamie was not popular, although she was nowhere near ugly. It was because of her strong faith in God and lack of interest in fashion that people made fun of her.In the movie, Landon falls for Jamie after he has to join extra curricular activities like drama and tutoring children as a punishment. Running lines with Jamie was truly where he came to realize that he enjoyed her company.

Jamie dies in the movie but not in the book. Both endings were good but having a vague ending like the book did was more impactful because it allowed the reader to imagine what happened in the future to the couple.

In the book, Landon is not as rebellious as he was in the future. In the movie, Landon heckles a kid by pushing him into water because of his popular friends. The movie was more powerful because it shows the major impact Jamie made on Landon. Not only did his life change because of her, but his character did also

The book is set in the 50's but the movie is set in the 90's. The difference is significant because the movie appeals to a broader audience.

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What Critics Say

Many critics say that the book is much better the movie ,however, I disagree. The critics really do not give enough credit to the directors for the movie because it captures the same vision the book does while also relating to teenagers.