Massive Tornado Outbreak

Kissimmee, Florida has Several Tornadoes Break Out.

How Do They Form?

Tornadoes form in nature when warm, moist air comes into contact with cool, dry air. When the warm, moist air slides under the cool, dry air, the commotion causes tornadoes to form in a vortex in between them. The vortex continues to form larger, creating a funnel cloud that then reaches the ground. In Kissimmee the two air masses caused so much commotion that many tornadoes formed, causing a tornado outbreak.

How Have Tornadoes Affected Us In The Past?

Tornadoes have affected us in the past by destroying homes, forests, crops, and more. A perfect example would be the Kissimmee tornado outbreak. The tornadoes decimated many homes and took many lives. Tornadoes have not only affected Florida in a devastating way, but they have affected not only people all around the country, but have affected people around the world. Especially in a place called, "Tornado Alley" in this place they have received around one thousand tornadoes a year.

Pictures of Tornadoes and How they Form.

How It Affects Us Now.

Tornadoes affects people and animals by destroying homes, habitats, water and food supply, and lives. Tornadoes do this because the vortex that creates the tornado is essentially a very strong gust of wind blowing around, and when the wind comes near objects, such as homes and habitats, it sucks it up and throws it around.

Way To Prepare Yourself.

A policy known worldwide is to get underneath a table or bed and curl up into a ball, face the floor, close your eyes, and cover your head. Another policy is to get into a room with no windows, like a bathroom and sit in a corner. if it is a bathroom, get into the bathtub and lie in it. A good idea is to stay away from glass, doors, or fragile things.