Religions of the world.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Confucianism.


Confucianism is a belief system made by Confucius in China. He wanted a way to stop fighting and bring order to people. He created ideas like filial piety which made it so elders are respected by younger people. Confucianism is not a religion but is a belief system. There is no holy books or scripture.
Confucianism affects many people's lives because it makes the basics of respecting your elders. It makes people think more about their actions.


In Judaism they believe in one God. They have holy a book called the Torah. It started when Abraham and God established a covenant. They have a set of rules called the Ten Commandments, preventing killing and unjustified actions. There is no official contempt of afterlife. They don't cremate their dead they bury them.
Judaism effects the lives of its followers because, they have traditions that shaped the way many things work. They also have sets of rules so they don't kill people or do unjust actions.


Buddhism is a belief system started by Gautama Buddha in India. He achieved enlightenment and thought people how to end suffering. Buddhism has beliefs like Hinduism, including reincarnation, moksha, and karma. But unlike Hinduism they don't have gods or a god. They also don't believe in the caste system. They follow the eightfold path, and the four noble truths.
Buddhist have peaceful live where they don't eat meat or fight wars. They, because of the eightfold path, don't use violence or harm people or animals, the four noble truths allows them to end their suffering through the ending of material desires.
What Is Buddhism?


Hinduism is a religion started after the Aryan's pushed into India and created the caste system. Their holy books being the Vedas and others like Upanishads. It originally started in Indian river valley. It hasn't really spread because of the caste system. They believe in polytheism, moksha, karma, and darmah. The photo shows the gods of Hinduism. Moksha is the Hindu final resting place achieved in enlightenment. Karma is the belief of cause and effect in your actions. Darmah is ones actions that you should fulfill in your caste. Polytheism in Hinduism is the belief in many gods or goddess but in Hinduism they make up one godly being. Hindus also believe in reincarnation where you live many lives and try to be born into a new caste then make it to moksha.
Hinduism affects the lives of many people, by it has their entire lives setup for them they are born into a caste and their jobs are decided by that caste. They have karma and darmah that makes them act normally peaceful and calm. They are peaceful people because of their faiths. They don't eat meat
What Is The History of Hinduism?


The founder of Christianity is Jesus of Nazareth he was a carpenter and seen as partially a deity. The holy book is the bible it is made up of many Jewish scriptures and has the writing of all of the major starters of this faith. It started in Judaea now modern Israel when Rome had it in it's empire. It has spread to practically the entire world because it is part of the faith to spread the word of God. Basic beliefs are that their is one God, and their is life after death and that you should spread your faith. They believe in the Ten Commandments. Heaven , hell and (purgatory temporarily in the Catholic Church majorly).
Christianity affects it's followers by the activities of the people. They typically have to live by fair peaceful lives. Truth, and charity are things common amongst the people. Political, and government beliefs and choices are very much affected by this faith. Holidays are very important in the Christian faith.
History Of Christianity - How Christianity Was Invented


Islam affects people of that faith by
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