My: Mackenzie Newton

The FOUR Types of Poisons...

  1. Absorbed Poisons- Enter the body by absorbing through the skin
  2. Ingested Poisons- Enter the body through the mouth
  3. Inhaled Poisons- Enter the body by breathing it in
  4. Injected Poisons- Enter the body by being injected either through a sting, bite, or needle

Signs and Symptoms

nausea, irregular heat rate, vomiting, watery eyes, abdominal pain, confusion, difficulty breathing, impaired consciousness, headaches, skin swelling, weakness, rashes or red and itchy skin

First Aid Care for Someone who is Poisoned

  1. ALWAYS make sure the scene is safe for you to enter
  2. Check to see if the victim is conscious or breathing
  3. If the victim is not breathing, administer CPR
  4. Check the scene for possible poison sources or ask the victim if conscious (this step in very important in determining the type of treatment necessary to neutralize the poison)
  5. Call the National Poison Control Center Hotline (more information located at the bottom of this flyer)
  6. Make sure to follow the instructions given by the dispatcher EXTREMELY CAREFULLY and do not administer food or drinks to the victim unless told so by the dispatcher


  • Be cautious when handling harmful substances
  • Keep medicines in original containers and read all labels before usage- keep in mind expiration dates and compatibility with other medicines
  • Store hazardous chemicals (ex. cleaners) and medicines in places not accessible to children
  • To dispose of medications: (1) put the medicine in a plastic bag (2) fill the bag with something to hide the medicine such as dirt or kitty litter (3) seal the bag and put it in the trash

National Poison Control Center Hotline