Governor Memorandum


Our guiding thought for this week and next is still COVERAGE!

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Most important factual information

Deadline#1 is late. And Deadline #2 is late too...this isn't looking good.

Take note of the following - there are a few changes:

Deadline #2 (Dividers)

Spreads Due October 30

(Design Oct 20, 1st Draft Oct 27)

Opening (1) – Vanessa/Adrian

Student Life (1) – Patty/Ashley

Sports (1) – Rafael/Shaelin

Clubs/Academic (1) – Mikhi/Tyler

Cheer (1) - Julie

Mailout/Marketing – Catalina, Mackenzie & Miss Hicks

Deadline #3

Spreads Due November 20

(Design Nov 6, 1st Draft Nov 13)

Football (1) – Adrian

Volleyball (1) – Shaelin

Tennis (1) – Vanessa

Cross Country (1) – Patty

Clubs (1) – Mikhi

Freshman Mugs/Features (6) – Julie/Ashley

Sophomore Mugs/Features (6) – Rafael/Tyler

Academics(1)/ Academic Electives (1) – Catalina/Mackenzie

Log your time

If you haven't visited with me after school, you're due. Especially since most of you missed class last Friday and part of Tuesday...

Complete your work log by Friday, 3 PM

To access the work log, click here. You need to fill it out every Friday. Don't get a zero for not completing the work log.

Learning stuff

Alphabetical Student Listing

Please check the list for every single name you use. You need to also note the page # and leave your initials. If a student is used 3 times, DO NOT USE THEM AGAIN. FIND SOMEONE ELSE!!

Click here for the Alphabetical List

Photoshop Tutorials

Depending on what you need to do or would like to do, there are a lot of things Photoshop can do for you. It takes time to learn though. I'm learning as I go, but there are some specific things that you might need to access for yearbook.

Hal Schmidt's 15 Photoshop Tips - Mr. Schmidt is a very nice man and hopefully we will have a chance to get him out here to do some Photoshop work with you guys. Until then, these are some of the most common yearbook related functions of Photoshop.

Illustrator Tutorials

Illustrator, to me, is very useful for yearbook work. It is much easier to manipulate headlines and create different effects. For our purposes, it's not super hard to use.

Illustrator Basics - This handout is very specific to yearbook and explains the basics, but also how to use Illustrator for titling.