2015 Year in Review

Jonah A.

Top Three Marketed Companies

1. LucasFilm: At the end of 2015, a seventh Star Wars movie was released. The previous six were huge successes and became instant classics. So, when the news that they were making a new movie people were ecstatic. The sixth movie made made roughly $418 Million after 100 days. The new Star Wars had made $742 Million after just 17 days.

2. WalMart: They were successful purely by the numbers. In 2015, WalMart had roughly $485 Million in sales, blowing away ever other big box store.

3. Apple: Recently added larger iPhones and computer products to their inventory. But for Apple, their marketing is reliability and wod of mouth. Everyone knows what an iPhone is and/or they have one. Because of that, costumers are frequently cheching back in at the stores looking for new product.

Best Products

1) Hover Boards: Before 2015, Hover Boards did not exist. Also, people are always looking for a new way to be lazy so this product was a large success. They also appeal to the eye because they are very futuristic looking.

2) Star Wars: The Force Awakens : The Star Wars series is a classic so when the new movie was released it was an instant hit. The movie made 742 Million dollars in just 17 days. The new movie was a huge advancement in special effects, but still possessed enough of the previous movies to remain a classic.

Worse Products

1) Innerly: It is a fat necklace that you wear so you can capture moments. You press a button and talk into it and then it will send that recording to an app for you. However, it doesn't take pictures, a phone can do the same stuff as it plus more, and it looks ugly.

2) Sony Walkman: Intended for people who are auditorium. However, the product is too small, and it looks ugly.

Top Movies

1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens : This movie was marketed by displaying the classic characters such as Harrison Ford for Han solo to remind viewers of the previous movies. People are reminded of how good the previous movies are and go to see the new one.

2) Jurassic World: The first movie, Jurassic Park, was a classic. The movies immerse the viewer in a fantasy world creating a "wow" experience. Sixty percent of viewers were over 25 years old, meaning they were old enough to remember the first movie. The movie was marketed by getting previous movers excited about the possibility of another classic.

Top Artists

1) Adele

2) Ed Sheeran

These two artists are the most successful because their marketing targeted the pop music market. While it might not be the hottest category of music it is still the largest. Their marketing also targeted teens in a way that made teens go to their concerts and buy their music. In summary, their marketing success had to do with the target markets.

Top 5 Apps

1) HBO Now

2) Snapchat

3) Starbucks Mobile Ordering

4) Periscope

5) Cleen

My New Year Resolution

Personal Improvement: I want to open up the variety of food I eat. In 2015, I ate pretty much the same stuff every day and while it tastes good, I show widen my variety of food consumption.

Family and Friends: I want to not hate hanging out with my younger brothers. I appreciate them but I still dread spending any time with them.

School: I'd like to get more involved in helping people in need. I should utilize the fact that I'm healthy so I should assist my peers that are not.