Winslow's Weekly Update

Happenings in Room B-4


This week we will continue our learning of determining important text and being able to identify the sequence of events in our reading. We will use the Life Cycle of a Butterfly to help us understand sequencing. Our phonic focus will be on words that have a "long a". I call these Firecracker e words. The "e" explodes and scares the vowel (a) to say its own name. (cake, state, name, late...) Sometimes we also refer to it as a "silent e".


December is filled with many holidays and traditions. We will learn about Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. It is important to learn about ways that others celebrate at this time of the year!

Looking Ahead

***Picture Retakes are on Wed. Dec. 9th. If you want your child to get their picture retaken...please send back their first picture package and I will make sure they get their picture taken on Wednesday.

***Book orders due on Monday

***Mr. French will be coming into our class to teach us a Coding Lesson on Thursday. This will be an opportunity for my students to learn about computer science. It is used to promote problem solving skills, logic and creativity.

Monday- PE Tuesday- Music Wednesday- PE Thursday- Music Friday- PE