Bacon's Weekly Bits

October 9, 2015

Week - At - A - Glance

This week begins the second quarter! Time flies when you are having fun. We will look at our end of the first quarter assessments to evaluate our progress and growth. We will also determine what responses are basic, proficient, and advanced. Of course, we will track our ELA progress in our Data Binders. The Data Binders are electronic and can be viewed on your child's Google Classroom app. They can show you any time. We will discuss the quality of responses and how to improve this quarter. We will set goals for our learning and reading. This quarter will our learning will explore Missouri Settlement: Early Missourians and Pioneers, Matter & Energy, Project Lead the Way - Module 1 , Informative writing, complete sentences, correcting run-ons, and much more!!


Conferences are this week!! This is a time for us to share and discuss the growth we have seen throughout the first quarter. It is also a time to work together as a team to ensure we are best meeting your child's learning needs. I look forward to this time with you. If you are not able to attend a conference during the times/dates available, please let me know I will work with you to find a time that works. Conference schedule

Book Fair

Please visit the Liberty Oaks Book Fair this week! This is a wonderful opportunity to share the love for literacy with your child and support our school at the same time. The times are as follows:

  • Mon 10/12 - 12 to 5

  • Tues 10/13 - 2 to 8

  • Wed 10/14- 12 to 5

  • Thurs 10/15 - 2 to 8

Ms. Bacon's Classroom Information

Please remember to utilize our classroom website. This is up-to-date, accessible information for you! (At least as up-to-date as I can keep it!) ;)

Zoo Field Trip

Parent forms were due. Student permission slips are due this week! The zoo field trip is an excellent learning opportunity for 4th graders to further their learning about organism interactions in an ecosystem, adaptations for survival, and human influences on our ecosystems. Additionally, it allows us to research and apply our science learning in writing through an informational paper. We are looking forward to the wonderful experience at the Kansas City Zoo!

United Way Week

United Way week is approaching. We will be sharing more information as time gets closer. We will have United Way Dress-Up days. Here is a preview of our attire for the week:

    • Monday 10/19- PJ Day

    • Tuesday 10/20- Twin Day

    • Wednesday 10/21- Favorite Sports Gear

    • Thursday 10/22- Decade Day

    • Friday 10/23- Royals or LO spirit wear

Fall Party Guidelines...

Students will have a typical day prior to the fall party. Please wear school attire until the time of the party. We will give kiddos time to slip into costumes prior to the party. See the handbook if you have specific questions. To summarize, please keep costumes school appropriate. Masks, face paint, make-up that needs to be applied at school needs to be saved for Trick-or-Treating. Hair-dye also needs to be saved for Halloween night. Please be aware of all props; no "weapon" props.