Remote Learning Plan

Grant Elementary

Lion Families,

As the district recently announced the plan for all students to move to remote learning after Thanksgiving break, I wanted to share with you all the information you need to make remote learning as smooth and successful as possible! There is a lot of information here, but I hope that this document may answer your many questions.

As always, all of us at Grant will strive to do our absolute best during these difficult times. We know that we will be faced with numerous issues as we move to remote learning, but please know that we are doing our absolute best for your student. We want to also recognize that we understand you are doing the best at home for your student as well. We really need to work together, home and school, to make remote learning successful.

Thank you,

Ryan Miller

Principal, Grant Elementary


Communication is going to be key for remote learning to work. Your teacher will be available to help support your student and to answer any questions you may have. However, we need to ask that you communicate with the school. We understand home schedules may differ from school schedules. We understand that students still may become sick at home. If your student is unable to attend online, or is having difficulty completing assignments, you must communicate that with your student's teacher. If you schedule won't allow for your student to make certain live lessons, please let your teacher know when work can be completed (after school hours, on the weekend, etc.). You may also contact the office if you have any questions at all. Our office number is 719.328.5700.

Our monthly newsletter and other important information will continue to be sent out and shared via Facebook, Class Dojo, Blackboard (emailing system), and the D11 app. If you aren't receiving the monthly newsletter/information, you may need to contact the office to ensure we have the correct email address for you in our system.

You will also find information and updates here:


Grant Website:

Download the FREE D11 App for Apple & Android for D11 and Grant info:


We are required to take attendance twice a day. We have an a.m. and a p.m. marking period. In order to keep accurate records to account for student's attendance, we ask that your student be present during morning and afternoon live sessions with the teacher. If for any reason your student cannot be present during a live session, you must contact the teacher to communicate your unique circumstance. If your student is not present during live sessions and we do not hear from you, please know that your student will be marked absent.

As always, if your student is sick and unable to attend online lessons the entire day, you will need to call the attendance line to report the absence.

Attendance Line: 719.328.5712

Mondays Are Now Asynchronous

A Message From our Superintendent:

Dear D11 Families,

We continue to be thankful for the support we receive from our families as we navigate this unprecedented school year. One challenge we’ve learned from our elementary teachers is the overwhelming amount of work involved with adapting their teaching to both online and in-person environments. This challenge has been addressed through a collaborative team of teachers, school administrators, and district leaders. As the District makes the move to remote learning on November 30, 2020, all elementary schools will dedicate Mondays to asynchronous learning for students, giving elementary teachers the time they need to plan and meet with their school teams. This schedule will be in place for the remainder of this school year.

This decision aligns with the middle and high school models, which also allow for Mondays as asynchronous learning days. Your child’s teacher will outline the expectations, assignments, and possible one-on-one student check ins as needed for each Monday. Most students will work independently on these days as appropriate, however, students who may need additional support may be asked to check-in with their teacher as necessary.

By working together, we will get through this challenging time, and will learn valuable skills as we progress. Thank you, again, for your support of your child’s school and teachers.

Yours in Partnership,

Dr. Michael J. Thomas, Superintendent
Colorado Springs School District 11

Student & Family Expectations/Grading

  • As previously stated, communication is going to be key for a successful remote learning experience. Please communicate with your teacher and the school for absences, work, tech issues, or any other concerns you may have. We are here to work with you!
  • Students will receive 90-120 minutes of daily academic synchronous, or "live," lessons from the classroom teachers daily. Lessons may consist of live instruction with the classroom teacher and then independent work. In addition, students will have live specials (Music/Art/P.E.) daily for 20-25 minutes daily. To help you out, your teacher's Schoology page will have an easy to find daily/weekly schedule. Also, hardcopies of schedules will be sent home.
  • Students and families are expected to have appropriate etiquette and behavior while online, during live lessons, in breakout rooms, and when chatting with other students. Our ROAR behavior expectations will remain in place, even online.
  • Parents & Guardians, we ask that if you are in need of speaking with the teacher, please do so outside of the live instructional lessons.
  • Weekly assignments will be open for completion for one week with a deadline of Sunday night. Any work not submitted by the Sunday night deadline will be considered incomplete and may be reflected in the quarterly report cards.
  • Attendance and work completion is expected. Again, we are here to help and support you. If you encounter issues, please communicate those issues to your student's teacher in order for us to help support your student.
  • Adventure Club, our before and after school daycare, will not be held here at Grant during remote learning. Please contact Adventure Club and/or Mr. George for any questions or concerns. Adventure Club can be reached at 719.596-5617.

Tech Support

A message from Mrs. Baldwin:

As you may know, after Thanksgiving Break District 11 will be going to Remote Learning. The transition to Remote Learning is going to require some patience and togetherness. At Grant we have amazing teachers poised and ready with great Remote Learning strategies and lessons to ease the work ahead. At home we know that there are a multitude of scenarios happening that make Remote Learning a challenge and it’s met with all sorts of emotion. We are together in this work of helping our children be successful at home or at school. Between us is the world wide web and all of its wonders and hiccups it surprises us with daily. Our tech team here at Grant is ready to support, but will also need your patience as we work together to get past the hiccups.

If you are finding difficulty with your device please let your teacher know, through email, so that s/he understands you are working on it. If you are having internet issues, please know this can excuse a student for that day, but we ask that you please stay in touch with your teacher so that we may assist in working through your issue. If your teacher is unable to help you with your tech issue, please email Kristen Baldwin at or Sherre Fellinger at Mrs. Baldwin and Mrs. Fellinger will support each unique situation as best they can and get you and your device back on track.

Here are some things to try first before emailing:

  1. Shut down your device, wait 30-60 seconds and power back on

  2. Check to see if you are connected to your Wifi

  3. Re-type in your login to clear mistakes

  4. Give the device 10 minutes to sit there and check in, especially if you have a Chromebook

  5. Navigate to the Grant website at, click on User Options, and sign in with your

    students email and password, then open a new tab to login to Schoology

    or WebEx. This will establish a connection to the D11 network.

  6. Sometimes links within Schoology won't work the first time. Please try it at least twice!

  7. Check the Grant homepage ( for more helpful documents

We know that technology doesn’t always work the way we want it to, and we want you to remember that we are all in this together. We are here to support you and your family and share the goal of your student’s success.

Finally, here is an excellent resource for you if you are experiencing tech issues for Chromebook, iPads, Schoology, Seesaw, and other tips/tricks/maintence:

Breakfast & Lunch Options

D11 will be providing breakfast and lunch "Grab-N-Go" curbside service for FREE every Monday - Friday at Grant. Breakfast and lunch will be provided both at the same time from 11:00-12:30 each weekday from November 30th - December 18th. Furthermore, each Friday food distribution will include meals for Saturday and Sunday. Parents and Guardians may pick up the meals...students do not have to be present! Finally, as a friendly reminder, all meals for students are FREE for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year!

Contact Information

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Attendance Line: 719.328.5712

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