" The Magnificent Escape"

by Amy Greufe

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The author of "The Escape" by J.B. Stamper creates good suspense with his words by using techniques. Some of the sentences in the story keeps you on the edge of your chair. One sentence is when he had said " He guessed that it was the blood of the person who had written it." The author makes this sentence make you wonder why it was maybe written by the other persons blood. The author made the character think that he was scared by the prisoner Boris saying "You don't have to put me in solitary," Boris said to the guard in a scared voice. "I'll never try that again. I promise!" Boris seemed very frightened when he knew he was taking to the solitary. He had heard stories on the Solitary. Boris gets to the end of the tunnel and something bad happens. "Then he opened his eyes. In front of him, the moon shone through the bars of a heavy gate. Still pressed up against it were the cold, white bones ... of a skeleton. There was no escape. There was no going back." Boris was stuck in the tunnel with the rats. These couple of sentences kept me on my toes and it was very intense.