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April 2021

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Highlighted Dates to Remember

Spring Break (NO SCHOOL):

Monday, March 29th - Monday, April 5th

School Resumes: Tuesday, April 6th

Board of Education Meeting (7 p.m.): Tuesday, April 13

PTO Fundraiser - Pop's Italian Beef & Sausage: Friday, April 16

Early Dismissal (11:30 a.m.): Friday, April 23rd

3rd Trimester Midterm: Friday, April 23rd

Principal's Page

Dear Milne Grove Parents and Guardians,

Throughout the 20-21 school year, our school community has had to adapt in ways we could never have anticipated! Student learning has been at the heart of all the instructional plans, mitigation efforts, and decisions the D91 team has made. Changes in state and national guidance as well as declines in local and statewide positivity rates have opened the door for increased in person instruction. However, our staff and families deserve a great deal of credit. Your cooperation in reporting health symptoms accurately and working with our nurses has resulted in our quarantine rate remaining below 3% since February! In addition, the district has not experienced any instance of person to person spread of the virus within our buildings. All of these factors work together and allow the board and administration to move forward in our planning.

Milne Grove is excited to welcome our students back to the building for an expanded blended learning model (students in-person four days per week and remote on Wednesdays) starting Monday, April 12, 2021. Links to the plan can be found below along with highlighted information for the blended and remote learning groups.

Click here to access D91's Blended/Remote Webpage

Click here to access the full "Roadmap to Full Attendance" plan.

Click here to access the plan summary.

Notes for Blended Learners:

1. Health screenings are still required before your child is allowed into the building on in person days. You can complete the form in ParentSquare the night before at 7pm or after.

2. The health office is offering rapid COVID testing to any student that is reporting a symptom that would necessitate removal from school and/or quarantine. A negative test result would allow the child to remain in attendance. Please complete the BinaxNow consent form attached to this post as soon as possible to ensure that your child will be provided this option in order to avoid loss of in person instruction in the future. Students without a BinaxNow consent form on file will be sent home and directed to follow up with a medical provider for evaluation and treatment.

3. Arrival to school will begin at 8:15am instead of 8:20am in order to allow for continued social distancing during drop off with more students on campus. We will continue to use the same doors for student entry by grade level.

4. Students should continue to bring their Chromebook (fully charged), a well fitting mask, water bottle, and lunch (unless participating in our program) to school each day. Students will also need headphones and gym shoes, but may leave those items at school if your family has spare items for use at home (label all belongings). Students will also be permitted to leave some of their instructional materials at school, so their backpacks will be a little lighter!

5. Dismissal will still occur for all grades at 3:00pm and families will continue to pick up their child in front or behind the school as previously assigned. Supervisors will work to identify the sequence of vehicles and manage student egress to ensure social distancing. Each family will be issued 2 laminated car signs to display at pick up to assist in the process. If you would like more than 2 signs, please email Dawn Magolan at

6. Parents/guardians MUST receive approval from the building principal or nurse in order for their blended learner to participate remotely from home instead of attending in person. Teachers will be required to remove any student that is present in the online classroom without prior authorization.

Notes for Remote Learners:

1. With teachers instructing more students in person each attendance day, we saw the need to consider the experience of our K-3 learners. As a result, Milne Grove’s remote learners will receive additional support in the form of 2 dedicated “remote learners only” sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. These sessions will replace the equivalent homeroom sessions with Mrs. Maloney as the facilitator beginning Monday, April 12th. Due to her regular support and service to the district, most students are very familiar with Mrs. Maloney and will get to know her even more as she joins their classrooms over the next few weeks. These sessions will provide students with an opportunity to dialogue with one another while learning writing, science, and social studies skills in a more personalized environment. Remote learners will continue to participate in the whole group reading and math instruction with their homeroom teacher. In addition, remote learners may be assigned to a different special classroom that meets at the same time. Please look for communications from your child(ren)’s homeroom teacher and Mrs. Maloney. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Koziol ( or Mrs. Maloney (

2. Remote learners will follow the homeroom schedule on Wednesdays. However, they will receive live “remote only” physical education sessions with Mrs. Draper instead of completing the choice board activity in person students will be assigned.

3. 3rd Grade students will need to attend in person for IAR testing on 3 consecutive Wednesdays - April 14, 21, and 28. As separate communication with the full schedule was sent out earlier in the month and reminders will be provided.

4. Mrs. Maloney is committed to providing you a streamlined schedule that will flow naturally with the homeroom schedule. These changes are designed to enhance your child’s remote learning experience and we will provide support to ensure that the transition is smooth.



Jaime Koziol


Milne Grove School

Mrs. Jaime Koziol, Principal

815-838-0542 x2104

Mrs. Cindy Dragosh, Morning Secretary

815-838-0542 x2100

Mrs. Dawn Magolan, Afternoon Secretary

815-838-0542 x2100

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Registration for School Year 2021-2022!

KINDERGARTEN- We have opened the portal to get our incoming Kindergarten students registered for next school year. Email and Parent Square information went out in March. If you have a child eligible to start Kindergarten in the fall, please complete your registration ASAP! If you did not see your email, please contact

RETURNING STUDENTS- We anticipate the registration portal for students returning to the District in the fall to be open on April 15, 2021. Watch for your Parent Square notification or post for registration information. All returning families must provide updated residency documentation during the registration process in addition to completing the online update through Infinite Campus. In order to plan class sizes for the fall, we request returning registrations be completed by June 4, 2021.

If you know your child will not be returning to District 91 in the fall, please contact the Student Data Specialists at either or to complete your withdraw paperwork.

Notes From the Nurse

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is the time of year that we normally think of when it comes to seasonal allergies. As all the trees and plants start to bloom and the pollen gets airborne, allergy sufferers begin their yearly ritual of sneezing and sniffling.

The most common spring allergy trigger is pollen. When pollen, or any other allergen, enters the nose of someone who is allergic--they send the immune system into overdrive. The immune system sees the pollen as a foreign invader and releases antibodies—substances that normally identify and attack bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing organisms. The antibodies attack the allergens, which leads to the release of chemicals called histamines into the blood. Histamines trigger the runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms associated with allergies.

Here are some tips to help with the spring allergy season:

● Avoid your allergy trigger as much as possible

● Do a thorough spring cleaning

● Minimize outdoor activity when pollen counts are high (peak pollen times are usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.)

● Take medications at least 30 minutes prior to outdoor activity

● Shut windows in your house on days with high pollen counts

● Wash bedding weekly in hot water

● Shower and wash hair before bedtime

● Keep pets off furniture and bedding (pollen can cling to pet after being outside)

If you would like more information about spring allergies and ways to help minimize allergy triggers, feel free to contact me anytime at (815) 838-0542 ex.2106 or at

Mrs. Gilkerson, RN

PTO News

Friday, April 16: Pop's Italian Beef & Sausage fundraiser. A portion of sales will be donated to our PTO to fund programming, supplies, and services for your child's classroom!

Email with questions!

Like the D91 PTO on Facebook!

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The Latest from the LRC


Our school’s Monarch Award votes have been tallied! The top three are:

3rd Place - 17 votes - Cute as an Axolotl

2nd Place - 28 votes - How to Give Your Cat a Bath in Five Easy Steps

WINNER - 49 votes - Can I Be Your Dog?

We had lots of fun reading the books, and the kids enjoyed casting their votes. I will let them know once I get the statewide results.

I’m so happy to see more children checking out library books! I know many of them are reading on Epic and other online providers, but it’s important to also spend time reading printed books, especially at these young ages. Please encourage your child to request library books!

Everything you need to know about all things library can be found most easily on your child’s Library/LRC Google Classroom, and also on my webpage.


Information on various incentives can be found on the D91 LRC webpage at

Six Flags Read to Succeed was not held this year. Six Flags is honoring tickets earned last year during this season.

Spikes’ Super Students - If the Slammers offer the program this year, we will participate.

Kane County Cougars - All students will be given forms to order a free ticket.

Celebrate YOUR Library Week was held last month. We had great fun with our spirit days. The bookmark contest winners may be found on my webpage.

Mrs. Tumino ~ 815-838-0542, x2122 Follow me on Twitter!

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Physical Education Feats

In the month of April and with the start of Spring, I am hoping students will get the chance to enjoy lots of time outside! Students will get the chance to start new units including our much anticipated Dance unit.

Students will have the option of taking home a Spring Break Activity Bingo Card! Students can fill out their bingo cards with activities they have completed at home or on vacation while on Spring Break.

Enjoy your SPRING BREAK!

Please contact Mrs. Draper at with questions about what your child is learning in gym!

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Third Grade


Students should continue to read 20 minutes every night to help practice their comprehension and fluency skills.


Please continue to work with your student on fact fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They need to work on accuracy as well as speed when practicing their facts.

Social Studies:

Students will be learning about the history of Lockport.


Third grade will be studying animals and their adaptations.


Students can use the third grade website so they can continue working on their foundational skills. There are a variety of links that will help them increase their ability with the material that has been taught so far this year.

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns!

Thank you,

The Third Grade Team

Mrs. Georgopulos -

Mrs. Steed -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist -

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher -

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide -

IAR Letter to 3rd Grade Parents

March 15, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian of 3rd grade student,

Third grade is a big academic year for many reasons. From learning independence to preparing for the transition to Kelvin Grove, students rise to the challenge of many new experiences in third grade (especially this year). One of these new experiences is participating in statewide testing, known as IAR or Illinois Assessment of Readiness for the first time. Students in third grade will participate in six separate standardized test sessions ( 2-75, 3-60, and 1-20 minute tests) after we return from spring break. Remote and in person students will be testing on different days/times.

In Person IAR Schedule

The third grade team has designated April 15, 16, 26, 27, 29, and 30 as our in person testing dates.

Remote IAR Schedule

Remote students will assess in person on 3 consecutive Wednesdays - April 14, 21, and 28 and use the following schedule:

8:45 - 8:50am: Drop off at MG Door A

9:00 - 10:30am: Session A

10:30-12:00pm: Lunch & Recess (*** see note below / students will bring a brown bag lunch / 6 feet or more distance at all times)

12:00 - 1:00pm: Session B

1:00 - 1:05pm: Pick up at MG Door A

Please note that small adjustments will be made to the schedule above to accommodate the different length testing sessions each day - contact Mrs. Koziol directly if you do not wish for your child to stay for lunch.

At Milne Grove School, we remain committed to educating the whole child; this includes the academic, physical, and emotional realms. Our staff understands that there is no single test that can accurately measure the true potential of your child; however, we do count on the IAR assessment data to determine if our curriculum is aligned with other educational institutions. It is our job to do everything in our power to prepare our learners and ensure that they are competitive with their peers - in Lockport, through Illinois, and across the country. We analyze the IAR data along with classroom performance, MAP benchmarking data, and progress monitoring data to determine the effectiveness of our instruction. We also revise our curriculum and plan intervention services based on the information we collect.

The teachers and I are asking for your partnership in making sure your child is at school AND that they are ready for this extra responsibility.

How can you help?

Many parents want to know what they can do to make this experience successful for their child. First and foremost, please let your child know that you are proud of him or her and that you are confident that he or she will do their best!!! Other helpful tips include:

  • Make sure that your child gets a good night's sleep every night, but especially before each testing date.

  • Make sure your child eats a nutritious breakfast before going to school.

  • Try to schedule all doctor appointments, etc. outside of the testing week. If your child is ill or otherwise can’t attend school due to an emergency or tardiness on one or more of the assessment dates, he or she will be given a make-up testing date.

  • Try to ensure that your child comes to school each day of testing with a positive attitude.

If you have further questions about any aspect of this statewide assessment program, please contact me at 815-838-0542 x2104 or e-mail questions to


Jaime Koziol

Principal, Milne Grove School

Second Grade


Students will be reading longer fiction and nonfiction text. They are working hard on restating part of the question in their answer. Students are also being encouraged to go back in the text to prove their answer.

Social Studies

Students will continue with Chapter 4, "Celebrating Our Traditions." Students will learn about different cultures, celebrations, national holidays, and how songs, stories and art can pass traditions down in cultures.


We will begin learning about ecosystems. Students will learn what plants need to survive and how seeds are dispersed.


Students should continue to practice their addition and subtraction facts. We will continue with our unit of measurement. Time and money will also be incorporated into the math curriculum.

The Second Grade Team

Mrs. Bolte -

Miss Podwika -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist -

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher -

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide -

First Grade

Superkids Reading Program:

  • Read fluently and understand the importance of reading a conversation with expression

  • Decode and encode words ending in “y” saying long /i/ or long /e/

  • Review long vowel patterns and words

  • Read and understand the purpose of a “How-To” text

  • Continue to work on common memory words found in grade level text

Language and Writing:

  • Focus on writing complete sentences with the correct ending marks

  • Writing a narrative paragraph

  • Write descriptive sentences by adding adjectives and verbs

  • Edit and illustrate a story

GO Math:

  • Fluency for addition and subtraction within 20

  • Two-digit addition and subtraction

  • Using Place Value to understand addition and subtraction

  • Introducing time to the hour

Social Studies:

  • Earth Day: We will be concentrating on what we can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help the Earth

  • Comparing our past and present


  • Changing of seasons and the coming of Spring

  • Discussions and activities about animals and plants that we begin to see as Spring arrives

  • Understanding how adult animals and their young are alike

  • Learning about how chicks develop in eggs and how to care for baby chicks

The First Grade Team

Mrs. O'Halloran -

Mrs. Stanly -

Mrs. Lyons -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist -

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher -

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide -


In Superkids we will be working towards mastery of reading the Kindergarten Memory Words: a, I, in, is, the, of, no, for, put, to, like, said, you, was. These are words that can NOT be sounded out and must be memorized. All students have received a green Word Ring to practice for speed.

Other fun ways to practice are using two memory words instead of x’s and o’s in a game of Tic Tac Toe or making two sets of each word to play memory.

What are Sight Words? | High Frequency Words
Ideas for Teaching Sight Words

We are also practicing the blending of c-v-c words. These words are not memorized and instead are sounded out. These videos are great practice:

CVC Words | Phonics Phase 2
The CVC Word Song (Version 1)
The Reading Machine 1
Reading CVC Words and Simple Phrases

In Math, kindergarten is working on addition and subtraction facts as well as composing and decomposing numbers, and counting to 100 by ones and tens.

To reinforce these concepts at home check out these songs:

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) (song for kids about teen numbers)
Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10)- [a place value song for kids]
COUNTING SUPER HERO! (Counting by 1s to 100 for kids)
Climbing Up This Mountain (Counting by 10s up to 100)
ADD 'EM UP! (song for kids about adding +1 up to ten)
When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)
We use the website GoNoodle to help us stay focused, calm and energized during our school day by using music and movement, here is the link for you to try:
The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Adams -

Mrs. Preboy -

Mrs. Richardson -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist -

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher -

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide -

Early Learners Preschool

Upcoming Events:

Week of April 5th - The Early Learners will start their study of gardening. They will be introduced to the letter G. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the color green and will continue to review numbers 0 to 20.

Week of April 12th - The Early Learners will continue their study of gardening. They will be introduced to the letter V for vegetables. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the color purple.

Week of April 19th – The Early Learners will continue their study of gardening. They will be introduced to the letter W for water. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the color blue.

Week of April 26th – The Early Learners will start their study of insects. They will be introduced to the letter I. The Early Learners will also review the numbers 0 to 20.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, April 5th, NO SCHOOL, Easter

Tuesday, April 6th, School Resumes

Friday, April 23rd, NO SCHOOL, School Improvement Day

The PK Team

Mrs. Torkelson -

Mrs. Pederson, Bilingual Liaison -

Miss Ginte -

Mrs. Nikki's Speech News

Language and Craft ideas for Earth Day:

Teach your child about their environment and how they can make a difference in the world through language and experiences!

  • Teach using books:

    • The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

    • The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

    • The Earth Book by Todd Parr

  • Follow up activities: Make sure to talk about new words, from the root to the trunk to leaves & fruits or flowers!

    • Plant a new tree

    • Draw/make a tree using glue, paper, markers.

    • Use materials to make a 3D tree: feathers, pom poms, etc.

    • Take a walk around your house or neighborhood and collect “nature” items, such as acorns, twigs, and tree bark and talk about them at home.

  • Recycling:

    • Collect items around the house and sort them based on recycling vs. non recycling items.

    • Build with recyclables! (example: build a robot out of paper towel rolls or spaceships out of milk cartons).

Have a blast discovering and experiencing new things wherever you are!

From speech buddies blog by Daisy Pasan (

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Nikki McGushin at 815-838-0542 x2107 or email at

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Relationship Roundup with Mrs. Reynolds

How do you do that?!” Part 2

In the last newsletter, I wrote about how it is our job as parents to show calm to our upset kids. But, really, “How do you do that?” What if at that moment you don’t have any calm to share?

To review: first, pay attention to your nutrition, activity level, and sleep. You need to take care of your overall health and wellness. Second, “self-talk” is powerful. This could mean you think, “I can do this. I can stay calm.” Let’s add to that. It might help to think about a strategy called rational detachment. Rational detachment is the ability to manage your own behavior and attitude and not take the behavior of others (including your child’s meltdown) personally. Rational detachment makes it much easier to stay calm throughout difficult situations. Tell yourself, “This may not be about the two of us; it may be about something else entirely.” Remind yourself that you don’t know everything about a person and their motivations, and to not take challenging behavior as a personal attack. Your child did not come with a parenting manual. Parenting is complicated.

There are many factors you can’t control during a meltdown but you can control your own behavior. Your Child Needs You to Stay Calm.

Rational Detachment is required so you can respond appropriately. We make better decisions when we’re calm and rational, able to think things through, see other possible solutions, and respond to difficult situations appropriately. This is something most of us can do most of the time. But there will be those times…. So, be ready. Have a plan for when you are in a difficult parenting situation. Think about what your ideal parenting response would look like if it was exactly as you would want it to be.

Keeping as calm as possible makes a world of difference in how a situation can turn out. I hope Rational Detachment can be a light that can help you be more and more like the parent you want to be.

Contact me at

Mrs. Visser's Reading Corner

Now that spring is upon us I want to share some fun ways students can practice reading, spelling and vocabulary skills outside. See below for a few fun suggestions of outdoor reading activities.

  • Use sidewalk chalk. You can write words using chalk and ask your child to read the words to you. You could also say a word and ask your child to write the word using the chalk.

  • Play Hopscotch. Use sidewalk chalk to make a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk. In each box write a word. As your child jumps to play hopscotch he/she would read the words.

  • Make an Outdoor Sight Word or Vocabulary Word Parking Lot. Use chalk to draw lines for parking spots on the driveway or sidewalk. Have your child ride his/her bike or outdoor riding toy to a word. “Park” their riding toy and read the word

  • Dribble or bounce a ball. Use chalk to write sight words/vocabulary words on the driveway or sidewalk. Dribble or bounce your way around from sight word to sight word as they’re called out, with a chance to shoot and score at the end.

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist -

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The Art Update

For the next month, Milne Grove artists will look at one historical or influential artist a week. We will discuss what we see and create an original composition inspired by the elements we notice. Romero Britto will start us off with his fun, colorful compositions with bold black outlines of everyday objects. Remember, there are no wrong answers in art - just have fun, try hard, and enjoy the hands-on discovery!

Enjoy the warm weather in the days ahead - the beautiful days are great for sidewalk chalk, nature sculptures, and leave rubbings. Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Mrs. Cravens


Technology Class- Mrs. Lakics

In technology class K-3 students are focusing on different aspects of computers. Kindergarten students are learning about taking care of computers and the do’s and don’ts. First grade students are learning about the four common types of computers (desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones). Second grade students are learning about the difference between input and output devices. Third grade students are learning about what the Internet is and how it works.

Please visit Mrs. Lakics’ website for more information and ideas-

Mrs. Lakics

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Music Notes

MG Music News

D91 Families: Making Music Together.

Check Music Web Pages for links to songs to sing and play together.

To Contact Mrs. Randolph K-8 Music & KG Chorus Director

Email: PHONE: 815-838-0737 ext. 1140

CONTINUED REQUEST: When contacting me, please include student’s first and last name, grade, and homeroom teacher. Thank you.

BLENDED & REMOTE MUSIC RULES: Students will need paper and pencils or have white marker boards with markers to use during classes. Students will be asked individual questions for graded responses and need to turn microphone on and off when requested.

ALL Grades will be focusing on singing songs from the Essential Elements Music Class Interactive and the Music website for each grade level. All links are on the STREAM page for each grade. Get the family together and have FUN singing and making music together. Put it on your TV and SING “The Chicken Song” or “You Can Count On Me”, play the Addams Family theme on cups, and play “Sweet Home Alabama” on buckets (or legs and clap). MAKE MUSIC TOGETHER!

Grades K & 1:

No longer answer check in question each week

Grades 2 & 3:

1 - Answer WEEKLY Google Classwork question by the end of the first class each week. That grade will be averaged at the end of the trimester. Students have only one day to make up late work. After that all missing work will be a zero and can’t be made up.

2 - Complete the assigned LESSON & GAME in Harmonic Vision - Music Maestro = MM

Grade 3:

REMEMBER - I am willing to make private MEET appointments with any 3rd grader for recorder help.

1 - Play recorder at home - DO bring recorders to school to finger, but do NOT play at school

2 - Record assigned recorder songs on Flipgrid and read my comments or video in Flipgrid for each video made and read Google comments and found in emails.

Substitutes Needed!!

If you like interacting with the kids, and can be flexible. If you enjoy different settings, and different age groups of kids. This is what you have been looking Contact Athena Dingels for details (must possess a bachelor's degree and be willing to obtain the sub teacher credential through ISBE).