Mesoamerica Brochure

By Koehn carter


Mayans live in Guatemala ,Belize ,El Salvador and Honduras. They invented system based off of mathematics using zero and 20. the Mayans used the sky while farming to know when it's good to farm and they important crop was corn cause they farmed that a lot.

2 Cool Facts:6 million Mayans currently live in Mesoamerica.They language hieroglyphic style writing.

The writing


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The Inca's live in Columbia, Ecuador, chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.The also invented and built suspension bridges. they had enough land to farm on land and the important crops are corn and potatoes.

2 fun facts: They used ropes to communicate and their buildings were made out of stone and not even a blade could fit through the cracks.

The buildings


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the Aztecs live in where Mexico city is now and came from West Mexico. they invented chinampas to farm crops. Aztecs had chinampas were built over water because the Aztecs didn't have enough land to farm crops and they farm cocoa beans and corn.

2 Fun Facts: They spoke hieroglyphics and they played a game with a rubber ball and it was them trying to get a ball through a little hoop with their belly.It became really hard.

That's the Game


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