Tip: Cool Smore designs you can use

We know that design is important to you. Therefore, Smore has many different designs and feels to choose from. Each design gives a unique feel to your flyer, and is also customizable with different backgrounds, fonts and colors!
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Try some designs with a cool flyer!

Design 1: Minimal

The Minimal design gives flyers a sleek, clean look that's beautiful and to the point. Use Minimal flyers where it's necessary to get a clear message across, or if you want to create a feeling of simplicity and straightforwardness.

Design 2: Modern

Modern flyers are perfect for parties, classifieds or anything that is lighthearted and fun. With vibrant colors, modern typography and urban backgrounds, the Modern design is well suited for tons of purposes.

Design 3: Vintage

Sometimes you just want something relaxed and old-fashioned. That's exactly why we have the Vintage design. Vintage flyers are great for conveying a chic sense of style and are very fashionable. Goes perfectly with your Instagram photos too!

Try a new Vintage flyer!