Gymi & the Grass

A Folktale by Jacob Goodman

One day Gymi was playing in the grass with his dad when he asked his dad "Why is grass green?" Dad proceeded to say,"Well Gymi, it all started out with a little bunny. He was very intelligent but very naughty too. He loved playing pranks and getting people in trouble. Now back then grass was blue. That's a very important fact to know." "So what did he do?" said Gymi.

"Well he was going to get some paint one day. He got the paint and thought 'What can I do with this.' Then he got a bad idea. He went to the grass fertilizer factory and he put tons of yellow paint in the fertilizer. The next time everyone fertilized their lawns the grass turned green." said Gymi's dad. "Wow" said Gymi "Who was he?" Gymi's dad said "He was your great-grandfather, Tancred."

The End