Forest Fires

By: Jordan

How do Forest fires form?

The weather, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and wind are very hot and dry. Also lightning can hit a dry tree and cause a fire. The thing that causes fires the most is the heat. it can be realy bad if you are in the midle of a drought because it s realy easy to start a fire.

Great Fire of 1910

It is also sometimes referred to as the Big Blowup, the Big Burn, or the Devil's Broom fire. The fire burned about three million acres of land. It was in the northeast Washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana.The firestorm burned over two days (August 20–21, 1910), and killed 87 people.

The great peshtigo fire of 1871

It hit North American through Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. It destroying millions of dollars worth of property. It took between 1,200 and 2,400 lives. It was on October 8th of 1871.