War Of 1812


The Four main causes of the war were, Native American attack on front it was instigated by the British. The second reason was Tecumseh (a Native American) tried to unite tribes East of the Mississippi River. The third reason was Impressment continued which caused the British blockade. The fourth reason was because the War Hawks (supporters of war against Britain) Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun to take Canada and stop Native Americans.

Battle Regions

Chesapeake Campaign, Burned down the White House and Capitol and other government buildings, Fort Mc Henry, Francis Scott Key- star spangle banner. Southern Campaign Andrew Jackson, Battle of Horseshoe and Battle of New Orleans.


There are four main Effects of the war the First one was Americans gained world wide respect, the second effect was America recognizes Canada as peaceful neighbor, third effect Federalists look bad because of Hartford convention, fourth effect Nationalism.