Angels & Demons

Written By: Dan Brown

Project By: Luke Cho

569 Pages

Open your book and discover the mysteries. You will think that you are in the book of action and mystery.


Vittoria and Robert went to Vatican City and looked for a bomb that could have destroy the whole city. Robert and Vittoria were both scientists and helped the Catholics because they wanted to save the people who are visiting Vatican City and many museums with important artifacts are located in Vatican City. They had 6 hours to find the bomb at Vatican City. The Illuminati wanted to destroy the Catholics because the Catholics had killed many brilliant scientists during the 16th century. Many cardinals were killed by the Illuminati, but Robert still managed to defeat the Illuminati by killing the leader and finding the bomb.

Theme: When you take revenge on someone with a different thought , the hatred will be escalated.

The Catholics didn't like the ideas of the Illuminati and killed them. The Illuminati took revenge and killed some of the Catholics' too. My brother and I start arguing and as we keep angering one another, we sometimes end with violence. It is hard to accept other peoples' different ideas or criticism at first. When you accept the difference as it is, you will have a better relationship with the people who have different ideas and you can live in peace together.

Point of View

This book is in a 3rd person point of view; a narrator that recite what the characters say.