GRADE 2: ELA and MATH news

with Mr. Yearick and Miss H

The week of Feb 1-5 in ELA (English Language arts):

This week we focused on identifying run-on sentences they're easy to spot if you know what to look for we corrected some sample run-ons, even came up with some of our own to challenge the class it was fun. Also learned about fragments.

Additionally, we reviewed subjects and predicates, and practiced using inflection to make our reading sound more natural and interesting.

We recorded the dialogue for our video project, "The Great Ball Game", and barring any more technical difficulties, we should wrap up filming early next week. We'll also play with phonograms, discuss plot, and read a story about some clever cows.

I've begun to put homework assignments up on SIS, so if there's confusion as to the homework, check on Sycamore for some clarification.

Contact us:

Mr. Yearick is beginning to post ELA (reading) assignments on SIS (Sycamore). Please check there if you have any questions about an assignment.