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What is Meth?

Meth is the most dangerous drug in history it is powerful and most long lasting and toxic to the brain.Meth has far more dangerous effect in body's central nervous system.
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What does meth do?

Hair: Plucking can cause hair to fall out.

Brain: it causes users to see, to hear, and to feel things that are not really over there.

Teeth: It can rot teeth and gums from poor hygiene.

Body Temperature: Body Temperature can lead to rise in heart and respiratory.

Heart: Meth can increase heart and blood pressure. It can cause Heart Attack or Stroke.

Muscles: Meth can cause uncontrollable twitching, and strange movements of users.

Skin: users think that bugs are crawling in to their skin.

Weight: Meth can cause users to get extremely thin, and frail, losing muscles tissue and bone density.

immune system; Meth can cause blood flow in persons body and its healing process.

What does meth effect?